Wiped! (Book 1)

caseycaveThe set up:

When teasing goes too far: A sexy young woman interrupts lovemaking on the couch and lures her live-in boyfriend into a tiny powder room. Turns out this teaser has an agenda–and it doesn’t include going back to the couch. An erotic short story with explicit M/F sex, mild pee play and lots of orgasms. Book 1 of Making Michael Obey.

An excerpt:

As I started to get up, Junie grasped my dick with both hands and pulled me in. She leaned forward, closed her eyes and parted her lips. Her lips were soft and eager. Yes, a cliché. But that’s the problem with clichés. Her lips were soft and eager. She worked my cock as her tongue darted into my mouth. She moaned softly.

Penis to brain: She wants to fuck. Right here. Right now.

For a fraction of a second, I choked. My knees hurt, my quads were burning, I didn’t know if I could contort enough to get my dick inside her.

Then the hormones kicked in.

Our lips still locked, I reached down with both hands and slid them under Junie’s ass cheeks. She cooperated, lifting first one haunch, then the other. I broke off the kiss, then lifted and pulled her forward to the edge of the seat.

She was leaning back at a forty-five degree angle, her head against the inside of the lid. Not comfortable. Showing uncharacteristic brilliance, I grabbed a folded towel—a dry one, not the one I just used, major points—and slid it behind her shoulders. Junie smiled and puckered a kiss to me.

This had to be the quickie to end all quickies. I mean, fast. My knees were screaming, but she had me in a froth. As I positioned myself between her legs, I scrooched forward. My thighs gripped the toilet bowl, in intimate contact with the hard, cold porcelain.

But that was okay. Junie pushed up with her feet and raised her hips. She grabbed my dick and guided me in. Damn. Almost there. As I got my hands back under her ass, Junie pulled her feet off the floor and scissors-wrapped me. What a team.

Now it was my turn to give orders. I needed visuals. “Grab your tits,” I commanded. She moved both hands to her breasts, fingering her nipples and kneading her boobs.

I pushed inside her, readjusted my knees, and pulled up Junie’s hips some more. The angle finally, miraculously, got right and I slid deep inside. Her pussy was so wet I thought I’d almost go through her.

Junie gasped and gripped me with her thighs. I started thrusting–and with each plunge, Junie gave a yelp. I felt like a teenager, mindlessly fucking without finesse. Junie didn’t seem to care. I kept thrusting, faster and faster, and Junie kept yelping. My dick got harder, and she yelped louder. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass….

Word count: 2,020

Price: Free on Smashwords, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble. $.99 on Amazon and other distributors. See the better deal below.


K.C. CAVE - Making Michael Obey new cover 052414_small

Get the deal: Making Michael Obey, a five-story compilation of Michael and Junie’s WTF sex (including this one): $3.99.

Word count: 12,000



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