Welcome to the Club

Gay erotica by K.C. Cave

Gay erotica by K.C. Cave

A young man discovers the joy of prostate play. How cool: A new way to orgasm! But if playing with a plastic dildo is fun, what about the real thing? A real cock probing and rubbing his gland? He’s not gay, which is a problem. He sees an ad in an alternative newspaper: “Open membership/Exclusive men’s club/For the adventurous.” A few phone calls later, he’s on the way to an upscale hotel for his initiation into a very special club for men who are straight, professional, “and enjoy the Greek side of things.” His initiation will be an evening of sex and submission to six experienced men. [M/M, anal sex, serial gang bang, gay gang bang, masturbation, fellatio, oral sex]

An excerpt:

In more than ten years of sexual activity, exclusively with girls and women, I never had a really good blow job. Their mouths got tired. I was too big. Or they just didn’t get it and went through the motions. Maybe twice I had been blown to orgasm.

This was different. He took my glans into his mouth and worked it vigorously with his tongue and lips. Clamping a hand on my scrotum to hold my dick in place, he flicked his tongue on my engorged dickhead.

Taking me deeper into his mouth, he swirled his tongue around the head while he sucked harder. What a difference it was getting head from a guy! He teased me gently, slowly, tenderly, and expertly as he caressed, sucked, and slurped my cock. He pulled back, releasing my dick with a barely audible pop.

He led me away to an adjacent bedroom to more polite applause. I watched my straining cock bob as I walked.

No doubt I looked apprehensive, in spite of the expert suck off. I got some reassurance from my new owner, who sat next to me on the bed. Putting his hand on my cock, he leaned in close.

“Just relax. It won’t hurt if you don’t resist. Really.” Then he took my head in both hands and kissed me on the mouth. His tongue, which had just been massaging my dick, probed deep as he continued to stroke my cock.

So, kissing a man. What was that like? His lips were hard, and his beard bristled against my shaved face. I held back my initial reaction to push away. I concentrated on the feeling in my throbbing penis and his expert hand job.

Pushing me back on the bed, he deftly rolled a condom on my cock, slathered it with lube, and climbed on me.

“I know you were expecting to get taken first, but I just can’t resist,” he said, climbing over me and planting a foot on either side of my hips. He lowered himself down, his asshole swirling on my cockhead. In an instant, my cock was inside him. My new owner started to move up and down my shaft.

He fucked me slowly and then built up speed, really going at it, fucking me, and himself, vigorously. I watched his erect dick bob up and down as he rode my cock. His hairy ball sack moved up tight against the base of his thick shaft. “Let me know if you’re close to coming,” he said. I wasn’t.

He slowed down and then pulled off. “Turn over,” he said and slapped me on the ass.

Here it comes. This is why I’m here. This is what I wanted, a hard cock in my ass.

I stuck my ass up in the air, my face resting against the coolness of the bedspread. I trembled with excitement. Behind me now, my owner pushed his cock against my hole, holding my hips tightly. No go. He pulled back, slathered on more lube. and then inserted a digit. He swirled his finger around for a minute. That helped, and my anus relaxed.

This time, his dick went in. His hands slid up my back as the full length of his cock filled me. Unlike the static sensation of the dildo, his cock moved around inside me, not just in and out, but up and around. The natural upward curve of his dick went right to my prostate, his cockhead massaging the gland.

With each stroke, I became oblivious to everything but the pleasure of his thick cock plunging inside me. The familiar, pleasurable sensation of my stimulated prostate, warm and glowing, grew at the base of my dick.

I was so full of jism, it wouldn’t be long before I’d leak pre-cum. My rigid cock poked my stomach. Looking back between my arms, I could see my balls scrunched up against the base of my dick.

I reached back to grab my cock, and our hands met. He gave me a squeeze and pushed me away. His hairy scrotum pressed against my ball sack. Grabbing my cock, he gave me a reach-around as he fucked me, beating me off with his hand.

This guy, not surprisingly, knew how to stroke a cock. He swirled his hand on my glans, slid down my shaft, and massaged my balls in a continuous, flowing motion.

“I’m gonna come real soon,” I said through gritted teeth.

He stopped stroking me and pulled his dick out. “Not yet.”

He led me to the bathroom. “A quick wash, please.” I took a washcloth, soaped it up, and washed his cock, balls, and ass crack.

Taking my time, I inspected his genitals closely, doing a thorough job of cleaning and stimulating him. I had never handled another male’s genitalia before. I enjoyed playing with his package, hefting his cut dick, cupping and separating his balls. He had a big penis, wide and veiny. His scrotum was hairy and loose, making his balls easy to manipulate.

Back on the bed, I got a command. “Suck my dick.”

Word count: 6,100

Price: $2.99

Available at: Amazon, Carnal Pleasures, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, A1EroticEbooks, iTunes, Taboo Reading, Excitica Amazon UKGoogle Play, Kobo, Lulu, Carnaltopia, Kinky Literature

The sequel, The Glory Hole Shebang, picks up at the club’s next gay orgy (in an about-to-be-demolished interstate rest area!). Buy it on Amazon (titled Welcome to the Club II).

KC CAVE - The Glory Hole Shebang 2_small


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