Trans-Sexed by the Buddha!

Brian wants a change “down there.” Bigger, right? Much to his surprise, meditation does the trick, sort of. Now he’s a girl down below! His roommate doesn’t mind, and gives the new package a daily workout. While his sex life has never been better (the new guy at work is enjoying him every night after the pizza shop where they work closes), Brian worries that he’s feminizing by the day. He’s looking way-too good in jeans! He calls his old friend (no benefits) Stacey, who can’t believe his story. Then she tries meditating and gets trans-sexed! And they become friends with benefits. Five different endings will be sure to satisfy your kink! [sex change, sex swap, mutual masturbation, fantasy sex, MF sex, FF sex, transsexual]

E-Read Erotica ReviewsA snappy, witty, funny short story of a magical idol and how it turns the lives of two friends upside down…. it hits the right notes for a transformation story going both ways.

Excerpt: Mr. Apple assigned the new guy, Hank, to help Brian close up—sweep the floor and clean the kitchen, get the place ready for the lunch crowd tomorrow. Mr. Apple left ten minutes after eleven, locking the front door behind him as Brian and Hank cleaned up.

Hank’s mop of dark hair fell into one of his eyes. He was medium height, lanky, mid-twenties. Doris the cashier said he looked like Brad Pitt, but that’s what she said about any good-looking guy. He cornered Brian after he heard the front door close.

“I got a question—you a boy or a girl?”

Brian backed up against the counter, hoisted himself up and spread his legs. His eyes held steady on Hank’s. His heart leapt at what was about to happen.

Hank put his hands between Brian’s legs and smiled.

Brian helped him wriggle out of his jeans. “One rule. No kissing,” Brian said, and Hank smiled. His cock sproinged out, hard as porcelain and pointing up at his belly button. It was just about the same size as Brian’s former, unlamented cock—under five inches. Maybe a tad thicker. Cut.

After flinging his pants across the room, Brian spread his knees. Hank grabbed his ankles and hoisted his legs in the air. Brian fell back, knocking a commercial-sized sack of potato chips to the floor. His hips were elevated, and Hank’s cock entered his cunt at a steep angle.

Brian’s breath came in fast pants as Hank’s stiff cock penetrated him. Brian was spread wide for the new guy’s enjoyment. Hank pulled out and dragged his cockhead through Brian’s slick pussy lips, letting the slippery juices coat his cock, then plunged back inside.

Shit, Brian thought while Hank fucked him wild-caveman style, his cock is half the size of Bob’s. But, goddam, it feels so good…Then, the sudden realization: I’m a slut! The first guy who came along and wanted me, got me! And I love it!

Hank’s every thrust took Brian closer to the point where his body would dissolve in on itself. It was like his pussy took over his body. He was a giant cunt, filled to the brim with cock. To move things along even faster, Brian added a steady circling of his own middle finger on his clit. His juices flowed down his crack to the countertop, making his ass slide as Hank fucked him.

As Hank’s fucking got more manic, his arms slid down Brian’s legs to his waist. Hank hoisted him even higher. His dick, balls-deep in Brian’s cunt, was a spear about to split him in two.

Then the stiff cock sprung free, and Brian yelped in surprise and disappointment. Hank pulled him off the counter to his feet, spun him around, turned him toward the door and entered him from the rear. Brian thrust his hips backwards, his pussy muscles clamping on Hank’s fat dick.

“Can you feel my dick sliding in and out of you?” Hank cried as he pounded Brian like a Neanderthal. He grabbed Brian’s hair and pulled his head back. “You can come now! Let me hear you roar!”

Hank slammed his cock into the deepest part of Brian’s cunt with fast, controlled thrusts. Brian pushed back, his thighs pressed tight against the other man’s legs, feeling his prick, hard as steel. Brian came, holding the heat inside his cunt so that he could keep on coming. His body jerked as the orgasm jolted through him.

Hank slowed his thrusting, but didn’t stop. Brian, bent over, his arms dangling, drooped like a rag doll. His entire consciousness consisted of his ruined, violated cunt and the waves of pleasure washing over him. His breathing slowed as his last orgasm ebbed. Hank increased the tempo of his thrusting.

Brian was vulnerable, exposed and shameless. Hank still hadn’t come. Brian’s only defense was to clamp harder on his dick. With every thrust, the fire in his belly intensified. Another orgasm, then another. He couldn’t think. He couldn’t react. He was a senseless fuck doll, completely under Hank’s thrall.

Hank’s hard, steady thrusts accelerated. Brian could feel Hank’s cock swell inside him. Hank was getting close. His balls slapped against his ass. Screaming like a wild horse, Hank exploded, squirting hot jets of spunk deep inside Brian’s pussy. After pumping his entire load, Hank pulled out and staggered away. They both leaned against the counter, their sweating torsos against each other.

Hank reached around Brian and grabbed a broom. “Here, start up front,” he ordered between gasps. “I’ll scrape the grill.”

“Yeah, let me pull on my…”

“No. Nude. Turn the lights off if you want. But no clothes.”

“What if…”

Hank pulled Brian in and yanked his T-shirt off. “From now on, on my shift, when Mr. Apple closes that door behind him, take your clothes off. And bend over.”

Brian glowed has he stacked the chairs on the tables and pushed the broom. Hank’s jism leaked and dribbled down his legs—and he didn’t care. A cop might walk by the front of the sub shop and see him nude, pushing a broom, and he just fucking didn’t care. All he cared about was the glow between his legs.

I’m a slut.

Length: 8,300 words

Price: $2.99

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