Trans Action

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Dinner with friends, and a new face–tall, blonde and beautiful, with long golden tresses and a ready laugh. My lesbian side was enthralled. Yet, something was different. What shoulders! Later, outside the restaurant, I found her crying. She had been dumped, her guy leaving in his car with her suitcase. Poor Brogan had no place to stay. I invited her home, and that night I learned part of the truth. She’s in transition. Did I take advantage of a woman in distress? Sorry, I wasn’t raised that way. The next morning, though, was different. Brogan showed me all her secrets. [lesbian, transsexual woman, transgender woman, shemale, LBGT, oral sex, anal sex]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: The sex in this book is just so damn sweet I can’t resist. We have a woman showing a newly transitioning T – girl how it is to make love to a woman for the first time. It gets graphic and detailed, yet it still has a wonderful warmth and sweetness to it that I just have fallen in love with. This is a pretty unique book, one about someone who is between sexes learning how to love another person. I did get a thrill out of this as well, so the heat is well-written and it set the pot to boil for me.

And this E-Read Erotica update after I added about 3,000 words: We are treated to a longer and more thoughtful ending, with some bonus added sex scenes to liven things up. We get this wonderful sort of melancholy Hollywood romance thing going on between them, with tales of plying the street trade for sex, hookups gone wrong, and our trans-gendered woman connecting with her live in lesbian lover in a sentimental and romantic way….We got more toys. Nice. We also had some learning each other in bed, which was very nice. The sex scenes added to the book turned this into a one-time affair to a real romance, and I was impressed by the depth this added to the story.


Brogan took my hand and moved it to her breast. It was real. And quite small on her broad chest. I unbuttoned her shirt to her waist and unhooked her bra.

“So lovely,” I murmured, stroking her nipples to erection. I circled her areole with my tongue while watching her face. She flushed, and I kissed her again.

I wanted her to see my body. She helped me pull my T-shirt over my head and unclasped my bra. While she was bigger than me in almost every way, my tits were definitely larger. As I pushed my jeans down, she wriggled out of hers. Her hips were narrow, but her ass was tight and round.

What was between her legs? She had on bikini bottoms and I couldn’t see. I didn’t ask. All in due time.

Her body was lean and lithe. I kissed her breasts and ran my hands down the curve of her sides. “I want to pleasure you,” I said between kisses.

Brogan rolled on her back and pushed down her panties. Her hairless cock, small and stiff, popped out. I took it in both my hands.

“Your clit?”

“My dick. Maybe one day, if I can ever afford it, I’ll get a pussy.”

What it lacked in size, it made up in hardness. It was circumcised and only a few inches long. I ran my fingers down her shaft and explored behind. The wrinkled little nutsac felt empty.

“Brogan, can you come?”

“Sure. It might take a while. And not much comes out. It’s because my testosterone is blocked.”

“Good. Less mess.”

This was surely the smallest cock I’d ever seen. Does a penis get smaller with HRT? Safe to say, it really did a number on testicles. I’d have to remember to ask her later. I scrooched down and took it in my mouth. Virtually the whole of it—head and shaft—fit. Brogan took my head in her hands and guided me as I sucked her off.

All my pent-up horniness burst loose. I could feel the slickness between my legs. My clit was hard and demanding attention.

Without thinking, I pushed Brogan on her back and pulled a pillow under her narrow hips. Her little cocklet pointed straight at the ceiling, quivering. I mounted her cowgirl style, leaned forward, stretched my arms out beside her head and kissed her, probing her mouth with my tongue. “I’m going to fuck you, baby. Wanna be fucked?”

Word count: 6,900

Heat level: Scorching!

Price: $2.99

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