Titillate! A Collection of Erotic Short Stories

KC CAVE - Titillate _ smallK.C. Cave crosses all her sexual boundaries in this collection of no-holds-barred erotic short stories and flash fiction—lesbian, MF, MMF, solo sex, bondage and boy-on-boy fun. She’s been told that mixing genres in erotic fiction is a no-no—readers are easily squicked when they come across a sexual flavor they don’t like. Really? Squicked by explicit erotica? If that’s true, you’ve been warned. But if you, like K.C., have an open mind (and body!) about all the shades and variations of explicit erotica, settle in and get ready to get titillated! [short fiction, flash fiction, LGBT, oral sex, anal sex, MF sex, male masturbation, bondage, lesbian, squirting, group sex, MMF three-way]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: …I should talk about the sex, but I don’t need to. It is very well done, volcanic, and it blew me away with its explicitness and detail. I love a writer who can go from zero-to-nasty in six seconds, in excruciating and luridly vivid detail. It is just filthy and open and sexy and close-up-camera porn and I love it. Unafraid. Downright nasty. Did I just read that? Hardcore textual sex. And then it goes back to sweet and normal in the next paragraph when the dirty deeds are done….Kinks are mixed here, which I adore. There is a tendency in erotica to stick to formula, like not including men in purely lesbian scenes, or having a male-male scene because someone may not be into that. This collection goes everywhere and I love it….K.C. Cave delivers some wild, kinky, nasty sex, and I will read her books no matter what they are, FF, MM, FFM, MMF, or whatever and wherever they go without expectations just because I know I am in for a great time and I will end up turned on for the rest of the day….Strong recommend for those looking for a quick series of deeply sexual and nasty encounters. Quick entries and letting the reader’s mind go places is this book’s strength, while delivering the goods on a wide variety of kinks and sexy play in a rapid-fire and focused collection. Very nice, and dare I say, quite titillating.


Mia walked into the hotel ballroom crowded with suits holding drinks. The first day of the National Beverage Supply Association’s annual conference was winding down. She crossed toward the bar, hips swaying ever so slightly. She didn’t recognize a single face, which was the point.

“What an ass.”


“I’d do her.”

She got her glass of Chardonnay and sauntered back toward the two guys. They were young, early twenties, maybe fifteen years younger than Mia. Fresh-faced and handsome, they looked out of place in the sea of paunchy, mostly male conferees. The taller one, blond, blushed as she approached. The other guy, darker, met her direct gaze. They’d make a nice couple, Mia thought.

“Hi, I’m”—she looked down at the name tag she had found on the lobby floor two flights down and read upside down—“Donna.” She leaned and looked at the blond guy’s name tag. “Hi, Randy.”

Turning, she read the other tag. “And Mike. Randy and Mike.”

Randy stammered. “I’m really sorry. I didn’t…”

“It’s alright. You didn’t mean for me to hear. And you certainly don’t look like the crude or disrespectful type.”

Mia, in her late thirties, looked ten years younger. Her skirt was just short enough to show off her shapely legs, and her two-inch heels made her round bottom that much rounder. A dark blue blazer over a white silk blouse screamed “businesswoman,” but revealed the tops of her small, pert breasts.

“Is this your first conference?”

“We’re trainees. Sales trainees.” It was Randy, still embarrassed.

Mike spoke. “You in sales?”

Mia sipped her wine, her eyes not leaving his. “I’m in giveaways.”

“Hey, that’s advanced stuff,” Mike said. “We’re entry level, so it’s all about last month’s numbers. No free samples.”

“Maybe you could use some tips.” Turning to his friend: “Randy, that’s a nice name. In England, it’s a double entendre. It means, uh, frisky.” Mia straightened his tie, which didn’t need straightening. “Are you randy, Randy?”

He swallowed.

“Does ‘Mike’ do anything for you?” Mike asked.

“I like Mike,” Mia teased back. “Do you like me?”

“You’re not in sales?”

She leaned in, conspiratorially. “I’m into volunteerism,” she whispered. “I’m looking for two volunteers.”

Randy’s eyes widened.

“What’s your name?” It was Mike.


“Well, Mia, this sounds too good to be true.”

“Do you still want to do me?”

“You’re very beautiful,” Randy said, looking incredulous.

“Thank you! You are interested, right? To do me, I mean.”

They nodded.

“No wives, special girlfriends, overriding commitments tonight?”

They shook their heads.

To Randy: “When was the last time you came?”

“Uh, last night.”

“Jerk or fuck?”



“Thursday. I jerked.”

“Thank you for that. You meet my requirements. Let’s go over the ground rules. First, safe sex. Second. Sorry to ask this, but have either of you done a threesome before? Fuck a girl together?” Mia leaned in, her voice lower. “I’m a small package, things will be tight. Your cocks may touch. Okay with that?”

“I’m not queer,” Randy said.

Mia touched his lapel. “Of course not, dear. We wouldn’t be having this conversation if you were. It’s just, three people on a bed, two hard-ons…”

“It’s okay,” Mike interjected. “Not a problem.”

“Because—here’s another requirement—it’s going to be all about my pleasure. You’re going to do what I say. Nothing perverted, understand. I run the show.”

Word count: 11,500

Price: $2.99

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