Ravished by the Trooper

K.C. Cave - Ravished by the Trooper - jpegE-Read Erotica Reviews: I loved the playful and non-threatening tone here; if you are going to do costume play with a bit of BDSM in there, this is how I like it. It’s not overly brutal and rough, it’s sexy and fun, with everyone getting into the act and having a little fun with each other.

The set up:

A bicycle ride in rural Pennsylvania and lots of outdoor sex–that’s what James and Daphne had in mind on a beautiful spring day. Their fun is interrupted by the law–a rogue trooper, a sexy woman with an intense sexual craving for both women and men. This 4,300-word erotic short story features explicit MF, FF, anal play, male and female oral sex. Also Includes a bonus 3,800-word short story. [erotica, bondage, lesbian, oral sex, masturbation, anal sex, outdoor sex]

An excerpt:

“Okay, some ground rules,” I said, pulling off my cycling shorts and riding jersey. “I can see the chain when I roll up my knees. I’m pretty sure that’s the only direction we need to worry about. Keep your clothes by your side. If I say get dressed, move fast.”

“Is that an order?” She was nude, lying in the dappled sunlight and leaning back on her elbows with her knees splayed. Her small white breasts rode high on her chest, her nipples and areolas a dark pink bordering on red. “If you’re issuing orders, you’ll just have to make me,” she said, flipping over and offering her round behind.

My cock snapped to attention. I placed a hand on the small of her back, swung my other hand high, and started to bring it down fast. Stopping mid-swing, I gently lowered it to the curve of her asscheek and traced her crack with my palm. Daphne wiggled in pleasure.

The next slap was hard, echoing across the valley. Her cheeks quivered and bounced from the shock of the impact. Daphne bucked and I heard her inhale sharply. I hit her other cheek and she gyrated her ass, groaning. She was inviting me to give her more whacks with my open hand. I delivered a series of short, sharp smacks, making her writhe. She thrust her rear end farther into the air and spread her knees more, giving me better access to her plump pussy lips. Her hands fisted the blanket, tearing at the light cotton.

The smooth, creamy white skin of her cheeks started to turn red, with little red spots appearing on either side of her anus. Blood rushed to her labia, now swelled and visible between her asscheeks. I gave her some lighter whacks, then rolled her over on her back. I didn’t want to overdo it on a bike ride.

Daphne spread her knees, an expectant look on her face that said, Don’t stop. I starting smacking her labia with my fingertips—short and sharp taps. She groaned as I lightly tortured her pussy lips, already swollen from the spanking. I outlined her vulva with my fingers, gently running them the length of her slit. Teasing the opening of her vagina with a fingertip, I drew out her juices. Her little nub of a clitoris stiffened as I circled it with my forefinger.

With my other hand, I caressed her boobs, circling each pert little nub with my index finger. I stroked them to hard, pink points that strained upward. Leaning over, I took one in my mouth and spread my saliva over it. The hardness of her nipple pushed against my tongue as I gently flicked it.

Her nipples were so tiny and perfect. I turned the vibrator on and traced her labia. As I rotated the tip on the opening of her vagina, Daphne’s breathing quickened. She lifted her head off the blanket, her arms outstretched, her hands open and closing. Her breath came in short, sharp bursts.

I plunged a finger into her hole and found her G-spot, the rough little place on the front wall of her vagina. That did it. My vigorous thrusting with my finger took her to the edge. Moaning and throwing her head back, Daphne came. I couldn’t keep count of her spasms as the muscles of her vagina pulsed on my finger. As she writhed, her hips came up off the blanked and she clamp her knees together. I flicked off the vibrator and she slowly came back to earth. I got on my knees and surveyed the area. No one.

Giving her a long, deep kiss, I started on her nipples with a vibrating cock ring, watching them stiffen as I rolled the buzzer around her little nubs. My other hand went back to her crotch and, moving her wet, chubby lips apart, I fingered her clit and stroked her pretty pink pussy. Daphne’s hips heaved, her abdomen stiffened, and her shoulders lifted off the blanket.

Here comes another blockbuster orgasm, I thought to myself.

The sun went behind a cloud. Or so I thought. I felt something hard and cold on the small of my back. A rough, scraping sensation, like boot leather on skin, moved to my ass, followed by a hard push, almost a kick, that sent me rolling on my side.

I looked up. A Pennsylvania state trooper, arms akimbo, towered over us. Brown uniform. Yogi Bear hat. Holster on hip. The works.

That the trooper was a woman didn’t lessen the shock. Mainly, I just saw the gun. She had pushed me over with her boot. This peace officer didn’t look happy.

“I’m losing count of how many laws you two are breaking,” she said, glowering

Daphne and I exchanged horrified glances.

The trooper pulled her handcuffs off her belt and pulled my arms behind me. In an instant, she had my hands bound.

“Just lay there nice and quiet,” she ordered.

After unbuckling her gun belt, she pulled off her boots and started to undress, folding and laying her uniform neatly across a small gym bag.

This, I thought to myself, doesn’t appear to be routine arrest procedure.

I wasn’t thrilled to be handcuffed on the ground next to my naked wife. But I was relieved I wasn’t hustled, bare-assed, to the back of the police cruiser, its roof just visible outside the gate. We had been so engrossed in our sex play we didn’t hear it pull up.

She was down to her lingerie: a white lace bra and a black thong. She slipped out of both.

Not bad looking, for a cop. Not that I’d ever seen a nude cop before. Medium build, full breasts, narrow hips, round ass. She was about thirty and fit, with muscular thighs and shoulders. And between her legs, a lush, hairy bush.

Now as nude as we were, she walked over to Daphne, who still lay next to me, her legs crossed in a vain attempt at modesty. The trooper stepped over her, lowering her crotch to my wife’s face.

“Ever eat pussy?”

Daphne, wide-eyed, slowly nodded her head….

Word count: 4,300 (plus a 3,800-word bonus short story)

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Amazon UK, iTunes, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, TabooReading Barnes & Noble, Excitica, Google Play, A1EroticEbooks



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