Licked! (Book 3)

lickedcoverThe set up:

Michael is transported to a 1950s sitcom after he arrives home from a hard day at work. Junie, his live-in girlfriend and an epic tease, has gone all June Cleaver on him–candlelight, soft music and the dining room table set with cloth napkins and the good silverware. Junie’s erotic patter, aided by her frilly apron (and nothing else) gets Michael in a froth. Things really start happening after the main course, when Junie brings out dessert. What follows is epic dining room table debauchery that will especially delight chocolate lovers (or those who just appreciate really sloppy, but fun, sex). This 2,800-word erotic short story features explicit M/F sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, anal play and food desecration. Don’t say you weren’t warned. A bonus 1,800 word erotic short story is also included.

An excerpt:

As I tore my clothes off, Junie rolled onto the dining table and stretched out on her back. “Still half-full,” she said, shaking the bottle. She drizzled chocolate sauce up and down her nude body, starting with her breasts. Cute little designs, circles and geometric patterns. Oh, look, is that a penis? Very artistic. She filled the depression around her navel—Junie’s an innie, not an outie.

Resting her head in the crook of her arm, she looked at me. “Lick.”

I started with her tits, a light tonguing that avoided her nipples. I wasn’t very careful about getting all the chocolate, either. A fun shower together could be a great way to end the evening. I worked my tongue and lips to her collarbone, along her throat and neck, to her ear and finally her mouth. Another long, deep, chocolaty kiss. Then her other breast.

By the time I reached her navel, Junie was moaning and churning. She reached for my cock, still rock hard. “Give me that thang,” she snarled and squeezed more sauce on my dick. I watched it slide in and out of her mouth, her cheeks concave.

I climbed up the table—a substantial piece of furniture—and clambered over her for a sixty-nine. Burying my mouth inside her swollen, wet labia, I tongue-fucked her pussy. Moaning, Junie worked my cock and balls with both hands, pushing it in and out of her mouth.

I lifted her hips off the table and gave her entire vulva a tongue bath, bottom to top and back again. I worked a finger into her hole and found the rough little spot that sends her to the moon. As I tongued her erect clit, Junie threw her head back and strained her thighs wider as I spiraled around her hard nub.

Junie was back to the brink of another bone-shattering orgasm. My dick popped out of her mouth and she started yelping. Her hips gyrated, pushing her cunt into my face. She was out of control, moaning and crying

Time to fuck. I rolled off the table and picked her legs up, hooking them over my elbows. No words needed. Junie grabbed my cock and guided me in. I plunged balls-deep into her hot, wet depths.

Junie screamed as I pounded her, my knees bent, my hips flailing. We were like animals in rut, pure mindless lust. I watched as her little chocolate-smeared tits bounced on her chest as I banged her, her head thrown back, screams and gurgles emanating from her throat. She came again, the walls of her vagina spasming on my cock.

I kept plunging into her, but slower. As her breathing calmed, I picked up the pace. I kept a steady rhythm as another orgasm approached.

“Michael, you’re fucking me senseless. God, Michael …”

Word count: 4,740

Price: $0.99

Available at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

K.C. CAVE - Making Michael Obey new cover 052414_small

Get the deal: Making Michael Obey, a five-story compilation of Michael and Junie’s WTF sex (including this one): $3.99.

Word count: 12,000


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