Big Date

The set up:

A sexy woman on a solo outing to a friend’s condo on the bucolic Eastern Shore of Maryland is all set for her big date with herself–a bottle of Chardonnay with a screw-top cap, a Clooney flick on her tablet and her favorite strap-on vibrator snug between her legs. Just as the party gets underway, there’s a knock at the door. It’s a tall, dark stranger–well, not really, they had met a couple summer before–with a simple request. But things get complicated when her clumsy cat steps on the vibrator’s remote control. This 4,000-word erotic short story features female masturbation, explicit M/F sex, and more orgasms then either of them can count. Also included is a bonus 2,000 word erotic short story.

An excerpt:

After slipping the vibrator off and placing it on the table, Amy pulled the sweater over her head. A shiver went through her body as the cool air caressed her breasts. She pushed Dave down on his back, then straddled him. Being on top was always better for the first time.

As Amy ran her hands over the muscles of his stomach and chest, she slid her swollen, wet labia along the shaft of his cock. Arching her hips, she settled on him and guided his stiff cock into her slick, swollen pussy.

She moved slowly, one glorious inch at a time. Pleasure rippled up her belly and radiated through her body as he filled her. Or, rather, as Amy consumed him. His dick felt more than wonderful. It enthralled her. The walls of her pussy clamped his thick, pulsating shaft as he moved with her, thrusting upward, going deeper than she intended, pushing the edges of her control.

Grinding slowly, Amy watched his face contort. As they made love, Dave’s hands wandered around Amy’s body–her hips, her ass and her breasts, which he cupped as Amy continued to churn. Dropping his hands to her hips, he lifted her. His engorged cock pulled out and slapped against his stomach.

“I have another idea,” he said. “Put the vibrator back on.” His voice was pleasant but firm.

Firm, I can handle that.

Amy stood in front of him, now completely, gloriously nude, fully conscious of her trim, fit and curvy body. As she stepped through the golden straps, she decided to put on a little show. She turned to face Dave, jutted out her hips, and pulled it on, nestling the trigger over her clit.

When Dave started to rise, Amy dropped to her knees and gently pushed him back. Their eyes locked as she took Dave’s stiff prick in both hands and began to stroke him, his dick still slick with her juices. Then she lowered her heard and pressed her lips to the head of his cock, gently licking and sucking.

She marveled at how soft the tip, with its tiny slit, was compared to the firmness of his shaft. She ran her lips and tongue down his length, grabbed his balls and cupped them, articulating each testicle with her fingers. Dave’s back arched and she heard him moan. She lightly scraped her teeth along his length and covered the glans with kisses.

“Your turn,” she said, looking up into his eyes.

Dave gathered Amy in his arms, and carried her across the room to the granite counter that separated the TV room from the kitchen. The cold, hard stone sent a shock up Amy’s spine that heightened her excitement. She leaned back and hooked her knees over his arms as Dave moved in to Amy’s fully exposed pussy. She grasped his straining cock and started to guide him in.

“Not yet.” Dave held the remote up, smiling. “Would you like the honors?”

Bracing for the onslaught, Amy closed her eyes and threw her head back. Dave pushed the full length of his cock into her, filling her up.


The combination of the vibrator on her clit and the cock buried deep inside her was overwhelming, sending shock waves through her body. Dave, close to coming, fucked her slowly—all the way in, holding, slowly out, slowly, slowly….

Amy was both inside and outside her body. Her impending orgasm loomed like a very large, coal-black cat, a jaguar, about to spring on its prey, hovering, tensed, ready to pounce. The immensity of the impending explosion frightened her. Could she survive it?

Word count: 4,000 (plus a 2,000-word bonus short story)

Price: $2.99

Available at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Taboo Reading, Barnes & Noble, Excitica, Google Play, A1AdultEbooks, Amazon UK


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