Alison’s New Toy (Book 1 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures)

Alison's New Toy

Alison’s New Toy

The set up:

Alison is thrilled when her new sex toy arrives. It’s a strap-on vibrator with a wireless remote control. It’s like a garage door opener for her vulva! Since she ordered it, she’s been fantasizing about all the outdoor fun she’ll have, strutting her stuff with a buzzer between her legs, teasing herself and delaying her climax with the help of the remote. At the coffee shop! In the park! Driving around town!

Soon, she’s outside on a warm spring day, sitting on a bench and watching the sexy boys and girls strutting their stuff on the nearby college campus–with a buzzer between her legs.

But things get even more interesting when a beautiful woman sits down next to her. She’s been watching Alison, and has a suspicion…

[explicit erotica, lesbian sex, masturbation, vibrator, sex toy, FF explicit sex, MF explicit sex, policewoman sex, oral sex, anal sex, public sex, outdoor sex]

The review:

E-Read Erotica Reviews: The story is hot, wow, there are some great setups in here. Heat level is good, and I like the voyeuristic part and how it transitions into the erotic contact with strangers. The encounters are nicely done too, and if i must say, believable even though some are a bit fantasy-esque…. It is good, sticky, gooey, lesbian relationship stuff that gives me warm and fuzzies – along with the harder edge of the sex later. Recommended. A very nice piece of work here today, and some impressive lesbian writing.

An excerpt:

Settling on the bench, I took the remote out of my purse and gave it a squeeze. The breeze rustling the leaves and the sound of traffic rendered the buzz between my legs inaudible. I was already excited just thinking about what I was about to do–a public jill-off! A chill shot up my spine as I envisioned the exquisite agony of controlling my responses to a bone-shattering orgasm in an outdoor setting. I could always flick the remote if I started to lose control.

It only took a moment for the buzz between my legs to broadcast little waves of pleasure through my pelvis. Pinpricks of pleasure ran up my spine. A pool of liquid delight formed at the base of my spine and threatened to spill out. OMG! This was getting so intense so fast.

I clicked it off.

My hand went to my throat, like a matron shocked by the sight of an exposed ankle at a Victorian soiree. I coughed demurely and straightened my skirt. My exterior under control, I did an internal check. My pussy throbbed, while both nipples stood at full attention and pushed against the fabric of my bra. I resettled myself, shifting my hips as I clutched my purse in my lap. This was so much fun!

A tall and statuesque woman came out of the library and started down the steps. Her breasts jiggled deliciously under her tee shirt–she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra, which made me happy.

It was time for action. I clicked the toy on…

Price: $2.99

Word count: 9,623

Available at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Kobo, Flipkart, Taboo Reading, Excitica, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Amazon UK

And Book 2 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures:

Read more about fuck junkie Alison in Upping the Ante. Available at Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. To read an excerpt and find out where to buy, click here. Click on the cover to buy it on Amazon.

Word count: 6,800

Price: $1.99

Alison's Erotic Adventures_smallGet the bundle (over 30,000 words!): Alison’s Erotic Adventures is a compilation of Alison’s New Toy, Upping the Ante and Lip Service, for just $4.99.

Word count: 30,500

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