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E-Read Erotica ReviewsWhen I want to take a walk on the wild side of sex, I read K.C. Cave. Honestly, this is the equivalent of clicking on a random sex video on the Internet, being shocked with a group of naked people in latex masks doing unfathomable things to each other with handfuls of cherry pie, and then wondering what in the hell you just saw. And then you spend the better part of the next few days looking for more of these videos….

A snappy, witty, funny short story of a magical idol and how it turns the lives of two friends upside down. Worth a read and a smile or two, and it hits the right notes for a transformation story going both ways.

“I got a question—you a boy or a girl?”

Brian backed up against the counter, hoisted himself up and spread his legs. His eyes held steady on Hank’s. His heart leapt at what was about to happen.

Hank put his hands between Brian’s legs and smiled.

Brian helped him wriggle out of his jeans. “One rule. No kissing,” Brian said, and Hank smiled. His cock sproinged out, hard as porcelain and pointing up at his belly button. It was just about the same size as Brian’s former, unlamented cock—under five inches. Maybe a tad thicker. Cut.

After flinging his pants across the room, Brian spread his knees. Hank grabbed his ankles and hoisted his legs in the air. Brian fell back, knocking a commercial-sized sack of potato chips to the floor. His hips were elevated, and Hank’s cock entered his cunt at a steep angle.

Brian’s breath came in fast pants as Hank’s stiff cock penetrated him. Brian was spread wide for the new guy’s enjoyment. Hank pulled out and dragged his cockhead through Brian’s slick pussy lips, letting the slippery juices coat his cock, then plunged back inside.

Shit, Brian thought while Hank fucked him wild-caveman style, his cock is half the size of Bob’s. But, goddam, it feels so good…Then, the sudden realization: I’m a slut! The first guy who came along and wanted me, got me! And I love it!

Length: 8,300 words

Price: $2.99

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