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KC CAVE - Mindless Lust_smallAlison’s night of mindless lesbian lust with her girlfriend Moriah (in the same bar where she once “entertained” seven guys on a busted pool table) goes belly-up: Moriah’s plane is late, and Tommy (the old friend with benefits who played sheriff during her serial gangbang) walks in with four German auto execs. He had hired a mother/daughter duo of whores to entertain them on that pool table, but they’re no-shows. Alison, dressed in full-slut mode, owes him. She’ll help him close the deal of a lifetime—for a price. Alison doesn’t give it away free anymore.

E-Read Erotica ReviewsI love how this makes me feel. Drunk with the possibilities of random and wanton sex. Fucking the norms and the rules. Spitting back at those who would call this trashy smut. Because it is, and it says it with a smile and a middle finger held up proud and high. A book that makes me feel free again? Certainly so.


Alison was now kneeling on top of the pool table, tits bouncing as she rode Dieter cowgirl style. Wolfgang crouched behind her, his cock buried in her asshole. Klaus, with his knees bent, had his feet planted on either side of Dieter’s head. Alison serviced his cock with her mouth, one hand on his balls, the other on his ass.

Bingo, a successful three-way, Tommy thought. Klaus’ dick popped out of her mouth. Alison grabbed it with her hand and started stroking.

“Dieter, baby, feel that? Inside me?” Alison said, moving her head so she could see around Klaus’ cock. “That’s Wolfgang’s dick rubbing against your cockhead.”

Alison churned her hips, fucking both cocks inside her in a circular motion. Dieter grabbed her tits with both hands and gurgled something in German.

Tommy stuck his head between Klaus and Alison and kissed her. “Having fun yet?”

“They’re real gentlemen. Plus, I told them you’d kill them if they weren’t nice.”

“I just introduced Moriah to Frau Blücher,” Tommy said. “Your girlfriend, it appears, likes aggressive women with big tits.”

“Not surprised, but relieved to hear it,” Alison said. “That should keep her busy for a few hours, assuming you can get them out of here in one piece. I promised the boys two orgasms each. Might take a while. Give Moriah my love and—” Alison gasped, arching her back as Wolfgang exploded inside her rectum.

Tommy elbowed his way back to the bar. The dance floor was jumping as a live band cranked out Okie from Muskogee.

Monika stood next to the bar, her hips pressed against Moriah. Her large breasts, straining the sharply tailored suit jacket, hovered an inch from the shorter woman’s face. Moriah’s hands rested on Monika’s hips.

Not good, Tommy thought. Two lezzies clawing each other at this bar is a formula for a gang rape or worse. Got to get them out of here—alive.

Word count: 7,000

Price: $2.99

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