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k-c-cave-sex-machine_smallIn book 7 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, our heroine’s reputation as a sexual athlete catches up to her: Alison is recruited to model for a high-tech sex robot! Her GF, Moriah, is the next sexual dynamo the geeks want to hook up to a bunch of sensors while she masturbates. One problem: She’s a gold star lesbian and a virgin. The computer model requires that she sleeps (ha!) with at least 4 men. What to do? I mean, it’s about advancing science and creating a mechanical sex surrogate to help sexually dysfunctional men. The solution? De-flower Moriah fast. Alison makes Moriah the main attraction at a bachelor’s party. Problem solved!

E-Read Erotica ReviewsDeliciously pervy, wonderfully raw, and blatantly sexual.


A thin line of yellow streaked the horizon, backlighting the high rises spread out below them. It was still night in the harbor. Alison yanked the T-shirt off Moriah and positioned her facing the overlook’s low stone wall and the glittering panorama below. In minutes the sun would peek out from behind the buildings and bathe the overlook in light. Running her hands over her girlfriend’s nude body, she pulled her closer. Then she reached into her backpack and glommed a fingertip with Vaseline. “Blossom your buttocks.”

Moriah bent her knees and jutted her ass. Alison swirled the cool jelly on Moriah’s anus and pushed a finger past the sphincter to the second knuckle. Moriah jerked, her spine straightened and her little breasts jiggled. Alison’s other hand separated Moriah’s pussy lips, swollen and wet. She inserted first one, then two, fingers into Moriah’s tight hole.

“Fuck, Allie, what if someone…”

Before Alison could reply, morning light illuminated Moriah’s forehead. Alison fucked her from both sides, the heel of her hand grinding into her clit, while her other hand cupped her ass as it assaulted her asshole. The sunlight crept down Moriah’s face, illuminating her look of impending ecstasy like a saint in a medieval tapestry. Eyes closed, her breath came in hot, short spurts as her orgasm built. Moriah was nearly fully aroused and awake. Fluids leaked out of her and down Alison’s wrist. Alison’s thrusts made squelching noises as Moriah’s cunt muscles clenched tighter around her fingers. Alison alternated the pussy thrusts with the index finger deep in her rectum.

Alison whispered in her ear. “I don’t know this for a fact, but safe to say people down there with binoculars and telescopes are watching me finger-fuck you.” Moriah groaned, helpless and in thrall. “With the right magnification, I’m sure some rich pervert in his penthouse apartment is watching your little tits jiggle. He can see your hard nipples and your swollen, wet cunt glistening in the light while he’s beating off. Anyone who cares to look can see my little slut getting it in both her holes.”

Alison pulled out of her pussy and circled Moriah’s clit with two fingertips, spreading her wetness to the outer regions of her pussy and thighs. Her pubic hair, long and untrimmed, was sodden and matted. Moriah’s clit burned under the pressure. Her hips bucked as she fucked herself on Alison’s finger deep in her asshole.

Pussy musk filled Alison’s nostrils. She marveled at Moriah’s hard, lean body, now bathed in morning sunlight, her back arched, her knees spread, her cunt glowing in the bright morning sun. Her erect nipples atop her small breasts pointed up to the cloudless sky. As Alison’s fingers strummed her clit, fast and furiously, Moriah came, hips jerking, crying out as her release surged up to her head and down her back to Alison’s hand enveloping her ass. She surrendered to the delight as her orgasm shook her, shooting down her spine like a jolt of electricity.

Alison heard voices.

Word count: 7,800

Price: $2.99

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