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E-Read Erotica Reviews: “…it just gets more and more absurd as the story goes on, which is a good thing since you can’t hit super absurd right from the start because it’s too much of a shock. The book eases us into it, and I will always say that writing comedy is also very hard, but K.C. Cave manages to pull off this satirical farce quite well, and keep the heat going through the entire episode…Is it silly? Hell yes it is silly…Don’t take this too seriously, laugh along at the craziness, and have fun.”

The set-up: Remy reads the demand letter from her ex’s lawyer saying she owes more money, and she’s fuming. Then she hears an ad on the radio: “Does the legal profession owe you one? …you may qualify for a new and free legal service.” Later that day, the young beauty is strapped to a chair, nude and ready for a bizarre and erotic examination by 5 lawyers, a demented, over-endowed dwarf, and an audience of law students. Remy’s ex is claiming she’s frigid. This nude deposition will prove she’s not. [MF, submission, well-hung dwarf, public sex, lawyer sex, bimbo, public sex with strangers, MF sex, squirting]

Warning: This is my raunchiest, most off-the-wall erotica yet. It’s got sex with strangers, exhibitionism, lesbian fingering, a delicious libation that goes straight to your clit, a frisky dwarf with an eight-inch cock, law students humping in the gallery while Remy gets deposed. In the nude. Strapped down. Her pussy on multiple screens in hi-def. Oh, and squirting.

An excerpt:

The door opened, and a young woman entered the office. Remy couldn’t believe her eyes: Wearing a red, skin-tight micro-dress and six-inch heels, she was all curves. While her breasts weren’t as large as Remy’s, her neckline plunged nearly to her waist. A push-up bra did the rest. Remy’s shock at the sight of the provocatively dressed woman evaporated as she began to speak.

“Miss McClintock, I’m Professor Slutz. Will you come with me? We have a special conference room reserved for depositions.”

“Gosh, I’ve never seen a law professor like this before,” Remy thought as she followed Professor Slutz’ rocking hips and swinging globes down the hall.

Followed by: “Well, actually, I’ve never seen any kind of a law professor before. Aren’t they like school teachers? But, but … this chick is hotter than anybody I ever had in high school.”

The conference room, only a few doors down the hall, occupied a corner of the tall building and offered a stunning view of the city. In the center, a large walnut conference table was surrounded by upholstered chairs. Another white china pitcher and glasses sat on a sideboard inside the door.

“Please help yourself,” said Professor Slutz, nodding toward the pitcher. “I’ll join you.”

Remy had forgotten about the creamy, cool liquid, as distracted as she was by her steamy meeting with Professor Balzac and this unexpectedly gorgeous woman. The delicious concoction was even smoother and tastier than she remembered. After downing a glass, she poured another.

“Miss McClintock, I understand you’ve never been deposed before,” Professor Slutz said, settling her firm, round behind into one of the chairs. “Let me explain what’s about to unfold. Are you familiar with the term ‘juris doctoris’?”

Remy shook her head. She was having a little trouble focusing.

“That’s what it says on my law school diploma,” the professor said. “What it means, Miss McClintock, is that I’m a doctor of law. For you, that means you have to remove your clothes. You must be nude for the deposition.”

A vague thought that something wasn’t right flitted through Remy’s head. She took a long pull of the refreshing liquid, and the concern disappeared. “Now? Should I undress now?”

Professor Slutz nodded. Remy stood and began removing her clothes. Undressing was easy. The flimsy top slid right off. She wiggled out of her skirt and pulled off her thong.

“Is this okay?” she asked, her arms on her hips and turning to give the professor a full view of her not inconsiderable charms. Remy knew she was gorgeous and enjoyed showing off.

The professor shook her head. “Nude means everything, Miss McClintock. Boots, too.”

In a moment, Remy was completely and spectacularly nude, her firm, curvy, twenty-two-year-old body on full display. Her breasts were two perfectly rounded domes. Her nipples were tiny and perfect, the way they reached up all perky and creased.

Remy cocked a hip, tilted her head, and ran a finger from between her breasts down to her navel. She fanned out her fingers and dropped her hand to her freshly waxed pussy.

“How’s this, professor?”

The other woman smiled and stood up. “Follow me, dear, and I’ll make the final preparations here in the witness prep room.”

Remy followed the slinky law professor through a door and entered a small, windowless room. In the center was a large chair. It look just like a chair you’d find in a dentist’s office.

“Please be seated, Miss McClintock.”

Remy swung her hips and settled in. She was prepared for the shock of cold leather on her bare skin, but was pleasantly surprised by the chair’s warmth.

“Due to the nature of the complaint filed against you, Miss McClintock, this deposition has, ahem, special requirements,” Professor Slutz explained. “Please relax as I make some adjustments. Oh, can I interest you in more to drink?”

Remy nodded her head enthusiastically. The professor returned with another glass of the delicious libation, filled to the rim.

“Drink up, dear. Now, where was I? Oh, yes, the complaint filed against you. You’re not a lawyer, is that correct, Miss McClintock? I didn’t think so, but it’s always best to ask. I’ll do my best to explain without the legalese. Basically, your ex-husband is asking the court to order that you pay him additional damages on the basis that during your brief marriage, you were frigid.

“I want to ask you now, before the formal deposition begins, are you frigid, Miss McClintock? And, just to be clear, by ‘frigid,’ I mean, are you abnormally averse to sexual intercourse?”

“Gosh, no, professor,” Remy gushed. “I mean, I love to fuck.” Shocked at her use of the obscenity, Remy blushed.

“It’s okay, dear, that’s what we need to know. I appreciate your frankness. The legal issue that we need to establish for the court is that you, to use your words, ‘love to fuck.’ And that’s what we’re going to do this afternoon. I mean, establish that you’re not frigid.”

“Will…will it hurt?” Remy stammered.

“No, it shouldn’t. In fact, it should be pleasurable—extremely pleasurable. Now, let me get you ready.”

Word count: 6,600

Price: $2.99

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