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New in July: In Trans-Sexed by the Buddha, barely employed pizza shop guy Brian wants a change “down there.” Bigger, right? Much to his surprise, meditation does the trick…sort of. Now he’s a girl down below! His roommate doesn’t mind, and gives the new package a daily workout. While his sex life has never been better (in addition to his roommate, the new guy at work is enjoying him every night after closing), Brian worries that he’s feminizing by the day. He’s looking too good in jeans! He calls his old friend (no benefits) Stacey, who can’t believe his story. Then she tries meditating and gets trans-sexed! And they become friends with benefits. Five different endings will be sure to satisfy your kink! [sex change, sex swap, mutual masturbation, fantasy sex, MF sex, FF sex, transsexual]


Bob leaned over and squinted. “Where’s your dick? Open your legs.” Instead, Brian sat on the couch, his knees spread.

“What the hell…” Bob said as he peered at Brian’s crotch. “You been taking hormones or something?”

“Fuck, no. I just woke up this morning and found this.”

“Is it a pussy? I mean, for real?”

“Bob, I masturbated for two hours. In-fucking-credible.”

“What about the rest of it? I mean, you got a hole and everything?”

Brian stood, turned around and presented his bare ass. “Let’s find out.”

Bob unbuckled and pushed his jeans down. His seven-inch cock, rock hard, fell out, his fat balls and generous scrotum dangling between his legs. He grabbed Brian’s hips and pushed his cockhead down his crack.

“Make sure you push it in the right hole,” snarled Brian over his shoulder. He was kneeling on the couch facing the wall, his arms braced on the back. “And not too fast. I think I’m a virgin.”

Word count: 8,300

Price: $2.99

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