Junie Makes Michael erotica series by K.C. Cave


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Junie Makes Michael (Making Michael Obey, Making Michael Submit, The XXX Widow, The XXX Weekends, Love for Rent)

K.C. CAVE - Making Michael Obey - 625x1000In Making Michael Obey, Junie and Michael explore the edge of their sexuality. Or, more exactly, Junie pushes Michael to his limits (and gets the best sex of his life along the way).

 KC Cave - Making Michael Submit_small

It gets wilder after they get married and Junie discovers Michael prefers playing more with himself than with her. An acrylic cock cage takes care of that. But Junie needs more, even after she lets Michael out of the cage–something only her black lover can give. (Making Michael Submit)

 KC CAVE - The XXX Widow _ smallThe XXX Widow: Poor Melanie. Her boyfriend spends more time surfing XXX websites than paying attention to her. Didn’t Junie have that same problem with Michael? She sure did—and fixed it with an acrylic cage and his chastity pledge. Taking Junie’s advice, she gives an ultimatum. Alas, the BF splits, leaving Melanie desperate for relief. Hey, isn’t Michael available? He sure is (and he’s been caged for a year), but Junie has her price: Melanie.

KC CAVE - The XXX Weekends JPG smallThe XXX Weekends: After their first-time lesbian session, Junie wants Melanie again. This time, Melanie does the negotiating–and gets an entire weekend with Michael. But Junie has her price: Melanie must submit to a stretching with her black bull to prepare her for the women’s XXX weekend in D.C.

KC CAVE - Love for Rent_smallLove For Rent:  In Book 5, disaster strikes: Junie’s sexual hijinks land her in trouble with the law—she makes headlines and loses her job. What’s a girl to do? Rather than sit on her ass, Junie decides to sell it, along with the ass of her live-in girlfriend Melanie. The notoriety of her arrest catapults her into the upper echelons of high-end escorting, where her sexual adventures include a lesbian sex show with Melanie, sex on (not in) a luxury British car, and a three-way in a private jet at forty thousand feet.

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