Titillate! WTF erotica by K.C. Cave


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KC CAVE - Titillate _ smallK.C. Cave was told that mixing genres in erotic fiction is a no-no—readers are easily squicked when they come across a sexual flavor they don’t like. Really? Squicked by explicit erotica? If that’s true, you’ve been warned. But if you, like K.C., have an open mind (and body!) about all the shades and variations of explicit erotica, settle in and get ready to get Titillated! [short fiction, flash fiction, LGBT, oral sex, anal sex, MF sex, male masturbation, bondage, lesbian, squirting, group sex, MMF three-way]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: …very well done, volcanic, and it blew me away with its explicitness and detail. I love a writer who can go from zero-to-nasty in six seconds, in excruciating and luridly vivid detail.


“Hold still,” Mia ordered. Mia rocked her hips, an almost imperceptible motion as she pulled up on Randy’s cock and pushed against Mike’s. She was fucking two men at the same time. The intense pressure inside was relieved slightly as Randy’s cock receded just as Mike’s cock went deeper in her ass.

“Pull out a little,” she said to Mike. To Randy: “Feel anything hard?”

“Oh, god…yeah.”

“That’s Mike’s cock. You’re rubbing dickheads inside me.”

The tension and sensation of fullness inside her was insane. What if these guys exploded at the same time?

Randy groaned. His cock got even harder. He was this close.

“All that’s between you and your buddy’s dick is my rectum.” Such a cruel thing to say.

Spittle drizzled out of Randy’s mouth as his eyes rolled back in his head.

Mia continued fucking both men with the gentle churning of her hips. Mike’s pubic hair bristled against her ass cheeks.

“Know why that feels so good?” It didn’t make any sense, teasing Randy like this. But Mia couldn’t help it. “You’re rubbing your frenulum against Randy’s. That’s the sensitive little spot on the back of your dick, just below the head.” She clasped his face between her hands. Her nose touched his. “Okay, you’re actually rubbing your dickhead against the wall of my vagina. But that hard thing you feel? That’s Mike’s dick. His frenulum.”

Randy gurgled. “I think I’m gonna…I’m gonna…gonna…unh…”

Mike was next: “Oh, fuck! Fuck! Motherfuck!”

Mia rocked her hips more, now actively riding both cocks deep inside her. Randy exploded first, his cock pushing against her G-spot as he ejaculated, his dick jerking with each load of cum. Mike came next, bellowing as he fired his load into Mia’s ass.

That molten sensation at the base of Mia’s spine bubbled and splatted molten lava…

White noise.

Mia slowly, languidly, swam up toward consciousness.

Experienced sexual athlete as she was, she was not unfamiliar with simultaneous orgasms. It was the icing on the cake for two people fucking—getting off in the same moment, making that tandem trip to Planet O, collapsing into each other’s arms in rapturous bliss. It’s something she had experienced hundreds of times. But three people coming at the same time? Two of them inside her? It was a first.

The room was a mess. Clothes were strewn everywhere, the bed a disaster. Mia’s eighty dollar panty and bra set dangled precariously on a bedside lampshade. Flat on her back and flanked by both men, their faces to hers, she turned her head to first kiss Randy and then Mike. Back and forth. Randy, Mike. Her lovely boys. The glow between her legs reminded her that both men had fucked her to a spectacular orgasm. She didn’t care about tomorrow’s soreness down there.

Pulling her arms up to their shoulders, she pulled them together as she dropped her head back. Fucked silly and barely conscious, the men were like putty. Mia buried her tongue in Mike’s ear as the two sets of male lips intertwined. Randy’s tongue pushed its way into Mike’s mouth.

Mia smiled.

Mission accomplished.

Word count: 11,500Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Amazon UK, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Carnal Pleasures, Carnaltopia, Excitica, A1EroticEbooks, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords


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