Sex Machine, new WTF erotica by K.C. Cave


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k-c-cave-sex-machine_smallIn book 7 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, our heroine’s reputation as a sexual athlete catches up to her: Alison is recruited to model for a high-tech sex robot! Her GF, Moriah, is the next sexual dynamo the geeks want to hook up to a bunch of sensors while she masturbates. One problem: She’s a gold star lesbian and a virgin. The computer model requires that she sleeps (ha!) with at least 4 men. What to do? I mean, it’s about advancing science and creating a mechanical sex surrogate to help sexually dysfunctional men. The solution? De-flower Moriah fast. Alison makes Moriah the main attraction at a bachelor’s party. Problem solved!


Tommy appeared out of the crowd, pushing a young man in front of him. Tall, gangly, a mop of blond hair. Early twenties.

“Morgan, meet Darryl,” Tommy said. “He’s getting married tomorrow. Tonight is his last night of freedom.”

“It’s Moriah,” Alison snarled, and took Moriah by the shoulders. “Say hi to Darryl, dear. He’s your first date tonight. Darryl’s going to pop your cherry.”

Moriah took a deep breath, forcing a smile as she pulled the zipper down on her teddy. Her eyes didn’t leave Darryl’s face as she dipped two fingers between her legs. As she pushed her wet fingers into Darryl’s mouth, her other arm went around his neck.

“Would you like to fuck me, Darryl?” she whispered, which came out like a yell over the pounding music.

Moriah rewetted her fingers and smeared his face with her juices. The crowd parted as Tommy led the couple through the living room to a set of narrow stairs. “Second door on the right,” Tommy said to Moriah as Darryl led her up the stairs by the hand. To the room: “Gather around. We’ll draw straws for number two.”

Alison followed Darryl and Moriah up the stairs into the bedroom and closed the door behind her. Moriah sat on the bed, fidgeting. Alison undid the buckle on Darryl’s belt and yanked his jeans down. His cock, fully erect, flipped out. Moriah slid to her knees and took it in her hands.

“You really a cop?” Darryl asked, looking down as Moriah fingered and licked his prick.

“Until last year,” Moriah said between slurps. “Fuck, you’re big.”

“You’ve never, uh, you know…?”

“Fucked a guy? Nope. I’m into girls. I’ve fucked a lot of women. But I never took one of these.”

“You’ve never seen a dick before?”

“I gave a guy a hand job once in high school,” she said.

Alison stripped down to her lingerie—a lace and mesh bustier with matching v-string panty. “Two for the price of one, Darryl,” she said, pulling him to the bed. “I’ve got the tits, Moriah’s got the pussy.”

Word count: 7,800 

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Apple iTunes, Excitica, Google Play, Carnaltopia

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