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k-c-cave-sex-machine_smallNeed something to get your mind off the electoral dysfunction in the U.S.? How about 8,000 words of nonstop, explicit sex? Oh, what genre, you ask? All of them.

In book 7 of Alison’s Erotic Adventures, our heroine’s reputation as a sexual athlete catches up to her: Alison is recruited to model for a high-tech sex robot! Her GF, Moriah, is the next sexual dynamo the geeks want to hook up to a bunch of sensors while she masturbates. One problem: She’s a gold star lesbian and a virgin. The computer model requires that she sleeps (ha!) with at least 4 men. What to do? I mean, it’s about advancing science and creating a mechanical sex surrogate to help sexually dysfunctional men. The solution? De-flower Moriah fast. Alison sets up Moriah as the main attraction at a bachelor’s party. Problem solved!


“Many women claim they’re multi-orgasmic, but in reality, it’s not that common,” the doctor replied. “Based on the data from your first, no-hands orgasm, you had at least eighteen distinct climaxes. Maybe more. We’ll know after we’ve had a chance to interpret the data.”

Alison snorted. “Only eighteen? You should meet my girlfriend.”

“That’s right, I almost forgot. You are bisexual,” Dr. Silk said, opening the binder and leafing through it. “Although primarily homosexual the last two years. Is your friend also bisexual?”

“Nope, gold-star lesbian. Moriah has an unquenchable appetite for sex, giving and receiving. After two hours of nonstop foreplay, she’s just getting warmed up. She can come for hours.”

“That’s unfortunate,” Dr. Silk said. “She sounds perfect for the study. We could use another responsive female subject. But they have to have had sex with men.”

“Why the prejudice against lesbians?”

“Oh, it’s nothing against lesbians. It’s just the computer models are geared solely to heterosexuals. Understandable, considering that the goal is a female sex robot for men. That said, your friend’s sexual responsiveness, if she can replicate it in a lab setting, would be invaluable. The sole requirement is that she must have a history of P.I.V. sex with multiple partners.”


“Sorry. Penis in vagina. Since you’re friend has never had sexual intercourse with a man, I’m afraid we couldn’t use her. Too bad. Other than the fact that she’s a virgin, she sounds like a good subject.”

“If it would help advance the project, it could be arranged.”

“I don’t follow.”

“I could arrange it that she engages in P.I.V. sex, as you so romantically call it,” Alison said. “She basically does whatever I tell her to do. So, say, if I presented her to a man, told her to take her clothes off, told her to spread her legs and present herself for immediate sexual intercourse—she would be deeply, deeply ashamed, humiliated, embarrassed—and at the same time, incredibly aroused.”

“I’m sorry, Miss uh…” she opened the binder and started flipping pages.

“Just call me Alison.”

Dr. Silk shook her head. “We couldn’t condone anything remotely coercive simply to add to our database,” she said.

“You don’t understand. In addition to being highly sexually charged, she’s a ready and willing submissive. Taking orders, getting into extremely embarrassing, compromising and degrading situations, is her kink. It gets her off. I would never harm her, of course. I love her very much. Actually, she’s in complete control when we get in these crazy situations. She just needs me to fulfill my demanding role as the top.”

“Well, in that case…”

“How many men would she have to fuck to satisfy the computer model? You know, P.I.V.”

“Oh, four or five would be sufficient.”

“Could she fuck them all in one night?”

Dr. Silk shrugged. “The computer doesn’t care.”

Word count: 7,800

Price: $2.99

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