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Gay erotica by K.C. Cave

Gay erotica by K.C. Cave

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An excerpt:

Back in the living room, I reverted from a private piece of man meat to a public one. Down on my hands and knees, ass up in the air, I was surrounded by a ring of nude men. Two nude women in the back of the living room on a couch were making out, their limbs entwined.

Three men lined up behind me, cocks hard and condomed, and two men sat on the couch in front of me. I took an offered cock into my mouth and began to service him. I really put my heart in it, sucking and swirling my tongue on his cockhead while jerking him with both hands.

Two hands grabbed my ass, separating my cheeks. The shocking, delicious sensation of cold lube braced my anus as liquid drizzled down my asscrack. A cockhead pushed against my asshole.

I relaxed as a penis slid into me. While servicing a cock, I was being slowly fucked. Another first!

Another cock demanded my attention. I alternated sucking and slurping, back and forth between two straining dicks. Because I was on my hands and knees with a penis plunging inside me from behind, the men used their hands to keep their dicks in my mouth while I alternated sucking them.

The pounding in my ass got more intense, the cock enlarging as his orgasm built. His balls slapped against my ass, faster and faster, and he came, firing his load inside me.

The guy pulled out and someone drizzled more lube on my asshole. Another penis probed me. A second later, the cock filled me. My ass was getting a real workout.

Wow, this one was big. I looked back between my legs and saw an enormous cock, easily eight inches long, sliding in and out.

One of the cocks I was serving was about to spurt. I worked the head harder, massaging his glans with my lips and tongue. The taste of pre-cum was quickly followed by spurts and spurts of hot, salty spunk.

Spits or swallows?

I turned off my brain as he pumped his load into my mouth. I swallowed. And swallowed again.

After he stopped coming, I turned to the other dick—neglected the last few moments—and slathered the other guy’s cum all over it. With spunk running down my cheeks and on to his dick, the guy fucked my mouth. Then he shot. I swallowed and swallowed.

The guy in my ass really cut loose, pounding me mercilessly. He had seen the two guys I was sucking explode in my mouth, an obvious turn-on. He fucked me like a Neanderthal, his dick bottoming out in me, which hurt. I synchronized with his thrusts, reducing the impact.

He exploded inside me, wailing like a banshee.

Just as I decided I needed a break, another guy mounted me from behind. His hands slapped my cock to full erection, and he deftly rolled a condom on me. A second man slid in front of me on his back, legs spread, offering his asshole.

I was Lucky Pierre, the guy in the middle of a three-way gay fuck.


Word count: 6,100

Odds are 50-50. 10 copies available. Click here.