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Female perfection. Yum! (Source: perfectnakedgirlsblog)

Alison grunted as she lifted Moriah, nude and still asleep, off the bed and backed out the door to the stairs. Christ, she’d sleep through an earthquake, Alison thought. She put her down, and Moriah slumped against her, arms instinctively wrapping around the taller woman’s neck and her head nestling between her breasts. Moriah was just awake enough not to fall over. Alison took one of her old T-shirts—pink, with “Nobody knows I’m a lesbian” in bright red letters across the back—and pulled it over Moriah’s head. About three sizes too big, it came almost to her knees.

“Fuck, what time is it?”

“Almost four-thirty.”

“At least let me brush my teeth.”

Alison hustled her to the car. It was like a jungle: nearly eighty already and the humidity probably higher. Alison had started the SUV and cranked on the air before rousing Moriah.

“It’s come to this,” Moriah said, scrunched against the door in the passenger seat as Alison drove. “No coffee. No breakfast. My underarms stink. You’re going to slit my throat and dump my body without any ID. I’ll be a missing person, buried in a pauper’s grave.”

Alison pulled the car over, threw it in park and reached for her. Limp, sleepy, vulnerable, Moriah was oh-so pliable. She was soft around the edges, even while slightly pissed-off, in the pre-dawn quietness. Alison kissed her, long and deep. Guiding two of Moriah’s fingers to her mouth, she tongued and kissed them, a thread of spit dangling as she pushed the wet fingers between the younger woman’s legs.

“Start masturbating now,” Alison ordered, putting the car back in gear. “Get your pussy warmed up. The faster you come, the less likely we’ll get arrested for public indecency.”

They made it across town in record time to the foot of the small mountain. The park at the top overlooked the city’s harbor and downtown. Alison pulled into the empty parking lot. “Come on, it’s almost dawn.”

Alison wore cutoffs and a sleeveless, low-cut shirt. No bra. Her big breasts bounced as she pulled Moriah, wearing nothing but the T-shirt and flip-flops, up the path through the woods to the overlook. No one else would be here at this ungodly hour.

A thin line of yellow streaked the horizon, backlighting the high rises. It was still night in the harbor. Yanking the T-shirt off Moriah, Alison positioned her facing the overlook’s low stone wall and the glittering panorama below. In minutes the sun would peek out from behind the buildings and bathe the overlook in light. Running her hands over her girlfriend’s nude body, she pulled her closer. Reaching into her backpack, she glommed a fingertip of Vaseline.

“Blossom your buttocks.”

Moriah bent her knees and jutted her ass. Alison swirled the cool jelly on Moriah’s anus and pushed a finger past the sphincter to the second knuckle. Moriah jerked, and her spine straightened and her little breasts jiggled. Alison’s other hand separated Moriah’s pussy lips, swollen and wet. Alison inserted first one, then two, fingers into her tight hole.

“Fuck, Allie, what if someone…”

Before Alison could reply, morning light illuminated Moriah’s forehead. Alison fucked her from both sides, the heel of her hand grinding into her clit, while her other hand cupped her ass as it assaulted her asshole. The sunlight crept down Moriah’s face, illuminating her look of impending ecstasy like a saint in a medieval tapestry. Eyes closed, her breath came in hot, short spurts as her orgasm built. Moriah was nearly fully aroused and awake for the first time. Fluids leaked out of her and down Alison’s wrist. Alison’s thrusts made squelching noises as Moriah’s cunt muscles clenched tighter around her fingers. Alison alternated the pussy thrusts with the index finger deep in her rectum.

“I don’t know this for a fact, but safe to say people down there with binoculars and telescopes are watching me finger-fuck you,” Alison whispered in her ear. Moriah groaned, helpless. “With the right magnification, I’m sure some rich pervert in his penthouse apartment is watching your little tits jiggle. I’m sure he can see your hard little nipples and your swollen, wet cunt glistening in the light while he’s beating off. Anyone who cares to look can see my little slut getting it in both her holes.”

Alison pulled out of her pussy and circled Moriah’s clit with two fingertips, spreading her wetness to the outer regions of her pussy and thighs. Her pubic hair, long and untrimmed, was sodden and matted. Moriah’s clit burned under the pressure. Her hips bucked as she fucked herself on Alison’s finger deep in her asshole.

Pussy musk filled Alison’s nostrils. She marveled at Moriah’s hard, lean body, now bathed in morning sunlight, her back arched, her knees spread, her cunt glowing in the bright morning sun. Her erect nipples atop her small breasts pointed to the cloudless sky. As Alison’s fingers strummed her clit, fast and furiously, Moriah came, hips jerking, crying out as her release surged up to her head and down her back to Alison’s hand enveloping her ass. She surrendered to the delight as her orgasm shook her, shooting down her spine like a jolt of electricity.

Alison heard voices.

Fuck. Quick. Get into the woods. Run.” Moriah staggered away into the trees, inadvertently pushing her T-shirt off the ledge and over the side. Five seconds later, an elderly couple, hand in hand, came to the overlook. Seemingly unaware of the public sex act that had just occurred, they smiled at Alison and sat on the stone wall to take in the view.

“Enjoy,” Alison said and walked down the path to the parking lot. She turned a corner and heard thrashing in the woods. Moriah emerged from behind a large boulder on the side of the trail.

Alison threw her arms around her, kissing her hard, her hands finding her firm, round asscheeks, and lifting her.

“Look at yourself,” Alison said, pushing her away. Moriah was in full rut, her nipples erect, her pussy engorged, juices still wet and smeared on her abdomen and thighs. “You horny slut. You fuck sponge!”

Moriah’s face was flushed with excitement. “I watched those old people and rubbed up against a tree, pushing my ass into the bark and fingering myself. I came again! The air on my body, the dirt between my toes, the fear of getting caught. I’m an animal, nude and primal and horny, Allie. God, this is fun!”

“Good things happen when you get up early. And take off your clothes!”

“Shit, Allie, where’s my T-shirt?”

“Over the side.”

Alison grabbed her hand and pulled her along as they sped down the path to the car.