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This week’s T.M.I. Tuesday is too obvious to pass up.

1. I must _____ [NUDE SKYDIVE] before I die.

2. You can’t stop _____ [MASTURBATING].

3. I wish I never had to buy _____ [LUBE] again.

4. _____ [MASTURBATING] has helped me change my life.

5. I know the song _____ [(I CAN’T GET NO) SATISFACTION] by heart.

6. If I weren’t so afraid, I would _____ [STOP WEARING CLOTHES IN PUBLIC].

Bonus:  My weekend was _____ [CLOTHES-FREE], tonight I’m looking forward to _____ [MASTURBATING], tomorrow my plans include _____ [MASTURBATING] and next weekend, I want to _____ [MASTURBATE]!

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