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KC CAVE - Alisons Erotic Adventures II_smallNew in August: The genre? Fuck genre. The plot? No fucking plot. Character development? Bor-ing. (Take that, English majors.) How about 25,000 words of nonstop, explicit, body fluid-infused sex? (Warning: You may want to wrap your e-reader in cellophane.) If this book doesn’t inspire an overwhelming urge to masturbate, seek medical attention.

Alison’s Erotic Adventures II, a 3-book compilation, is 25,000 words of nonstop, explicit sex! Bundle and save 4 bucks! Contains books 4 – 6 in the series: Come Again, China Dragon and Mindless Lust. Word count: 25,000 Price: $4.99

E-Read Erotica Reviews: I love this series. It just doesn’t care if it goes all porny and nasty and it talks to us with a filthy mouth because that’s what I need right now. Not anything soft, not anything written with a feathered and eloquent pen, but something primal and nasty that shocks me and takes my mind to a darkly filthy place. Something gritty, dirty, urban and sexual which is covered with sweat and all sorts of unmentionable bodily fluids because fuck it, my care for a world which pretends to be an orderly and nice place has just run out.

Miss Yuan’s eyes glittered. “Please, kiss me. Kiss me down there.” Her hips pushed against Moriah’s. “Then I want you inside of me. After that, I want to devote all the time that remains to you.”

Moving her hands to the zipper at the back of Miss Yuan’s skirt, Moriah pulled it down and drew the dress over her hips. Miss Yuan stepped out and stood in panties that matched her bra. Her high heels accented her slim, toned legs. She walked to the bed and kicked the shoes off.

“Miss Moriah, remove my panties,” she ordered.

The younger woman’s doubts, fears and misgivings about the evening were replaced by a sense of empowerment. Moriah decided this was a situation where she would give as well as take. As she slid the panties down Miss Yuan’s legs and they fell to the floor, she wanted nothing more than to pleasure her.

Moriah pushed her back on the bed, and Miss Yuan opened her thighs, revealing her pussy. A black triangle of closely trimmed hair adorned her mound. Moriah kneeled on the floor, her knees sinking into the soft carpet, and pushed Miss Yuan’s knees apart. Her labia glistened, the fat outer lips covered with her juices, the inner lips just peeking out. Moriah put her lips between Miss Yuan’s thighs. Remembering Kate’s words, she focused her eyes on the other woman’s face.

At the slight touch of Moriah’s lips, Miss Yuan bucked, and her hips lifted off the mattress.

Moriah inhaled the musky aroma of arousal as she tongued and licked the furrows of her cunt. The familiar slickness of her own rising excitement gathered between her legs as the tip of her tongue lashed Miss Yuan’s clit. Her own satisfaction, however, would have to wait.

Miss Yuan’s thighs clenched Moriah’s head as her orgasm built, and her hips rocked as Moriah attacked her pussy with her lips and tongue, torturing her folds as her hands gripped her hips. Miss Yuan’s juices ran copiously, and she gasped as she clenched the bedspread and moaned as Moriah pushed her relentlessly toward a climax.

Moriah slid her hands up her belly and grasped both of her small, pert breasts. Circling her teats with her thumbs was the final straw that pushed Miss Yuan over the edge, and she came in a rush, her hips lifting off the bed as she thrashed, moaning and whimpering, as wave after wave of sexual energy washed over her.

Moriah moved up the bed, took her face in her hands and kissed her, her tongue pushing into her mouth. She moaned in reply, and Moriah moved a hand down her cheek, along her neck, over her breasts, past her belly and came to rest on her mound. “That was just a warm up,” Moriah whispered. “Now I’m going to fuck you. Miss Yuan, please tell me. Have you ever been fucked by a woman? Have you ever been fucked by a woman who knows how to please a woman?”

Word count: 25,000

Price: $4.99

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Excitica, Lulu, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play