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No damn plot.

No boring exposition.


KCCave - Mindless Lust innerE-Read Erotica Reviews: I don’t care about genre or if it’s supposed to be lesbian or put into some category. I don’t care. Just give me something nasty to take me away. This book delivers.

Moriah was on her back on the bed, legs spread, with Monika’s fist in her pussy. Monika half-stood, half kneeled over her as she guided the younger woman’s hand into her cunt. Her large breasts, covered with hickeys, hung down just inches from Moriah’s face.

Monika moaned and bent forward to accommodate the younger woman’s fingers, cupped together as tight as they would go. As her first three fingers, covered with lube, slipped inside, Monika made a deep sigh.

“Give me more,” she breathed. Moriah pushed deeper, stretching the entrance of her vagina. Monika whimpered.

“Okay?” Moriah asked. Monika opened her eyes, and looked down at Moriah. Her breathing was fast and shallow. “More,” she begged.

Moriah slow-pushed past her third set of knuckles. Her hand was completely inside Monika’s cunt, the walls of her vagina clenching her to the wrist. Monika lowered herself more, and Moriah pulled her fingers together into a fist, deep inside her.

Monika gasped. ”Ja, fuck, it’s like losing my virginity all over,” she said. “It’s like I’m split wide open. It hurts so bad, it feels good.”

“Just breathe. Deep breaths,” Moriah said. She looked down at herself. Monika’s hand was still inside her vagina, her fingers curled into a ball. Both women were buried to the wrist in each other’s cunts. It was like a miracle.

“Well, this is certainly a first,” Moriah said, more to herself than to the other woman. “I’ve never felt this perfectly full. Push in more.”

Monika pushed, and the burning sensation made her cry out. “Fuck, I can’t feel where I end and your hand begins,” Moriah said.

Reaching down with her other hand, Monika touched Moriah’s face. “I can feel the pressure on my G-spot. Twist your hand…”

Moriah slowly rotated her wrist. A moment later, Monika cried out as waves of ecstasy blossomed between her legs, deep inside, and coursed up and down her body. “Oh, fuck, I’m coming…”

The expression on Monika’s face and the pulsing contractions of her womb on her fist pushed Moriah over the edge. She squealed, her shoulders lifting off the bed as her orgasm wracked her body.

Simultaneously, the power of their orgasms expelled both women’s fists. Moriah looked down at herself, smeared with her juices and the sweat dripping off Monika. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her hard clit. One final wave of pleasure exploded inside her, forcing a rooster tail of girl cum to shoot out. The stream arced down the bed and splatted on the towels that covered most of the bedspread.

Monika stood unsteadily on the bed, towering over Moriah. Her thighs were soaked with lube and her own wetness. Her waxed cunt was sticky and sodden and warm. Her fat and swollen labia, bright red, were parted, as if someone’s fist had just escaped from her cunt.

She stepped over Moriah, squatted, put her hands on the younger woman’s shoulders, and released a stream of liquid, soaking Moriah’s stomach and breasts. Lowering herself to her lover, she planted her vulva on Moriah’s wet torso and pushed the liquid around with her swollen cunt. Sliding down, Monika lowered herself so that her pussy pushed against Moriah’s. She stretched out, put an arm around her neck and pulled Moriah in for a long, languid kiss.

KC CAVE - Mindless Lust_smallWord count: 7,000

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon,  Carnal Pleasures, Excitica, Barnes & Noble, Fiction4All, Smashwords, Kobo, Carnaltopia, iTunes, Google Play