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KC CAVE - Taken Hard in the Woods_smallA two-week mountain hike becomes a two-way male lovefest when the weather  traps two handsome and horny guys in a tent. It gets more complicated when two locals, wearing bib overalls and nothing else, wander into camp, leading to hot, heavy and fast gay four-way. Back in town and showered, the guys yearn for some female companionship to re-establish their hetero cred. Enter Ricki, a part-timer who specializes in welcoming horny hikers back from the wilds. [gay sex, escort, anal sex, M/M/F sex, three-way sex, prostitute, whore, orgy, outdoor sex, male masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, fellatio, squirting, male sex in the woods, tent sex, MMMM four-way sex, motel sex, cornhole, blow job]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: They are exactly what I would imagine two horny hikers to be like, ever chasing wood in the forest, using every spare moment for sex, and endlessly thinking with their more smaller, yet endlessly more lustful heads….The book ends with a remarkable and genre-breaking scene which not only highlights the differences between an all-male outing, and one where a woman makes things a bit more complex. Add some artful highlight scenes, genre-breaking scenes, and a bittersweet ending and we have a book that takes the concept of an action-only book to a new level of depth and meaning. I enjoyed this.


A couple minutes later, Dave emerged and the door shut behind him. Leaning against the headboard, my legs outstretched, I watched my erect penis twitch ever-so-slightly with my heartbeat. Dave climbed on next to me. We didn’t talk. Normally, I guess, this would be awkward—you know, two straight guys with boners, nude on a bed, waiting for a hooker to come out of the bathroom. I laughed and shook my head, thinking back to our week of mutual masturbation and fucking.

Dave said, “What?”

“Nothing,” I said, and the door opened.

I was hoping for nude, but this was better. Ricki’s black fishnet and lace teddy plunged almost to her navel. It barely covered her breasts, almost show tits, way bigger than a handful. Wow. She did a slow pivot, revealing about ninety-nine percent of a perfect ass. Playfully, she cocked her hip and crawled up the bed. “Scoot over, boys, coming through.” Her boobs almost fell out of the skimpy lingerie.

Sitting back on her haunches, facing us, she took a prick in each hand. “I don’t know about you, but I just dread these awkward first moments,” she said, but not sounding like she dreaded anything. “I sort of like to dive right in. That okay?” She didn’t wait for an answer. “I did eeny meeny miny moe in the bathroom and Dave won,” she said, straddling him. Leaning forward, those luscious breasts, barely contained, dangled just out of range of his mouth. Dave breathed hard. “Now,  Bobby, don’t feel left out. I like to be touched.”

Ricki slid her pussy on Dave’s shaft, a thin slip of silk the only thing between her labia and his raging hard-on. Reaching for the nightstand, she picked up a small foil packet. In less than ten seconds, she had expertly rolled a condom on. Dave’s huge hands grabbed her hips, and she braced on his massive shoulders as he lifted her in the air. Ricki squealed and unsnapped the teddy at the crotch. Dave lowered her to his penis and slid in.

Laying on my side facing them, I realized I had never watched another couple fuck, much less stretch out on the same bed with them. I was slowly stroking myself as they went at it. I glanced at my watch. The foreplay had lasted about forty-five seconds. So much for a “date.” Ricki’s pelvis turned, tilted, bucked and corkscrewed as she rode him. Dave’s head rose off the pillow, his mouth open, his eyes glazed, as he sucked in air like a piston. Ricki leaned forward, kissing him hard. She had taken over the fuck, slowing the pace as her cunt consumed his dick.

Dave is a big man. Fucking me in the woods, his powerful arms, shoulders and legs tossed me around like I was, jeez, a girl. But here was this small woman, riding him like an expert surfer on a ten-foot wave.

He jackhammered her from below, roaring like a bull. This was some serious fucking. Yet Ricki rode him like an expert bronco buster. His orgasm lifted her another foot off the bed, but she held on. Gasping, he laid there, panting and sweating, as Ricki peeled the condom off his swollen cock.

Without thinking, I cleaned the splooge off his dick with my lips and tongue. Doing a little swirl number on his dickhead, he jolted, pushing a final dollop of spunk into my mouth.

I looked up. Ricki was staring at me like, WTF? Then, a sly grin spread across her face.

Word count: 8,200

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Excitica, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Carnaltopia, Carnal Pleasures, Apple iTunes, Google Play