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KC CAVE - The Other Hole_smallNew in April: The Other Hole, and, yes, that other hole. Kay begged Cole to touch her “there.” But playing in that part of the woods has a price, he warned his new lover. “There’s a power shift. For the bottom, it’s humiliation, surrender, loss of control.” Though not sure she understood—and not caring—Kay eagerly submitted. When he took her, Cole commanded her to bark like a dog (and she did!). Then the tables turned: Cole agreed to let Kay take him, although it takes a trip to their local sex toy shop for the right gear. Cole thinks he knows about the power shift. But it’s different when a woman is in control. Word count: 6100 Price: $2.99 [BDSM, anal, bisexual, bondage, cuckold, cum, dom-sub, erotic, fetish, humiliation, rich, risky sex, rubber, seduction, short story, sleeping, swinging, teasing, threeway, transsexual]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: It is a refreshing and very dark and nasty look at why this unofficial orifice is what it is, what it means to a relationship, and why and how it should be used for maximum effect.