Or, according The Guardian (a U.K. newspaper that treats readers like adults when it comes to sex), 20,000 horny lesbians in the desert at the 26th annual Dinah, a spring break/golfing event that serves as an excuse for lesbians to do what comes naturally (20,000 lesbians in the desert: welcome to the Dinah, a world without men).

For five days in Palm Springs, California, there’s an alternate universe of gay women celebrating with pool parties, dancing and debauchery.

Debauchery, as in “nobody is here for the golf. No one is here for the DJs, comedians or YouTube stars performing either. They’re here for the girls. Butch, femme, old, young, gold stars, bi, black, white, hardcore, normcore – the Dinah attracts a diverse group. There’s a sense of liberation and a tacit understanding that what happens in Dinah stays in Dinah (unless it ends up on Facebook).

“…Random girls pulling you into their hotel rooms are also pretty standard. One year, there was a minor earthquake in Palm Springs. Debbie, a Dinah veteran who has attended every event since 1991, recalls that half the water splashed out of the pool. Most of the girls were too drunk to realize or care.

“The feeling of permissiveness is compounded by the desert scenery: it looks like there has been some sort of gaypocalypse, and all the straight men and women have died out.”

Public nudity? Duh. “…It’s also about scantily clad celebration. Maybe all the clothes got destroyed during the gaypocalypse, because nobody’s wearing much. Several opt for stickers or tape over their nipples instead of bikini tops…”

Yeah, sign me up, even though I don’t play golf (not that it matters).