The Other Hole, new WTF erotica by K.C. Cave


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KC CAVE - The Other Hole_smallYeah, that other hole.  Anal sex is all about complete surrender for the bottom. Think child molester. Think prison rape. When Kay begs her new lover to fuck her in the ass, he warns her: I’m going to take you in the filthiest part of your body. It’s loss of control. I own you. Then comes the explosive sex. Is she humiliated? Most certainly. But it’s so exhilarating, Cole asks Kay to peg him. That’s when things get really interesting. [anal sex, MF sex, explicit, romantic sex, oral sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, dildo, femdom, pegging, transsexual]

An excerpt:

I lubed my penis, then worked the slick on her hole. Kay rotated her hips and ground her ass into my hand as I pushed the slick into her anus.

With my hands gripping her hips, I lowered her to my straining dickhead. I held my shaft as Kay pushed against me, her brown hole mashing against my glans. Yeah, I’d say there was some resistance.

I said, “Relax. Breathe. Take your time.”

She pushed and swirled. It took nearly ten minutes. I felt my dickhead enter her before I saw it.

Kay yelped as I slid inside. I gripped her hips, my field of vision filled with her white globes, her anus around the top of my dick, just below the corona, and my shimmering, oily shaft.

“God, oh fuck, it burns,” she said between whimpers.

She held it there, about an inch of my penis inside her. Her breathing steadied and she rocked, very slowly, taking more of me inside her. Then, tentatively, she was riding me up and down, just an inch or two.

Her head turned and she said over her shoulder, “The burning stopped. How does it feel for you?”

“It’s like an iron band, incredibly tight, where your sphincter grips me. Inside you, nothing. Are you masturbating?”

“Yeah. Oh, fuck. I want more of you inside.”

She lowered herself on my shaft. Now I was half inside her, about three inches of penis in her rectum. “Keep going. I want to see when I hit bottom.”

Four inches. Four and a half.


I pushed her hips up and popped out of her.

What the…?

I said, “Get on your hands and knees.”

Positioning myself behind her and between her legs, I spread her cheeks and worked more lube into her hole. Then I drizzled it on my dick. Running my cockhead up and down her crack, I stopped at her asshole. I pushed hard, Kay cried out, and I entered her.

“The only sensation is your tight ring around my dick,” I said, holding still as I gazed down at the sight of my penis three-quarters of the way into her ass. She whimpered, her fists clutching and kneading the towel spread beneath us.

“Know what that means, Kay? For me to come, I have to fuck you hard and fast. You know what’ll happen when I deposit my load inside you, don’t you?”

Kay raised her head off the bed. “No. What?” Her voice was meek….

Word count: 6100

Price: 2.99

Available: Amazon, Smashwords, Carnal Pleasures, Excitica, Carnaltopia, Google Play

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