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KC CAVE - Love for Rent_smallIn Book 5 of Junie Makes Michael, disaster strikes: Junie’s sexual hijinks land her in trouble with the law—she makes headlines and loses her job. What’s a girl to do? Rather than sit on her ass, Junie decides to rent it, along with the ass of live-in girlfriend Melanie. The notoriety of her arrest (caught bonking a delivery driver in broad daylight) catapults her into the upper echelons of high-end escorting, where her sexual adventures include a lesbian sex show with Melanie, sex on (not in) a luxury British car, and a three-way in a private jet at forty thousand feet. [MF, FF, FFM, squirting, female masturbation, big black cock, femdom, cuckold, public sex, escort, prostitution, whore]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: The one thing I love about this series is it is so off-the-wall and unpredictable…Here, the series dips into scandal and a dash of redemption as the trio find their way in a sexually charged world. A lot of books take you on a predictable arc, but this one goes places I never thought the series would go, and I love it…

I am in love with the storytelling here, it keeps the reader’s attention at every turn, and makes me want to flip the page to see more…Humor and witty dialog add the icing to the cake, and this is another great installment to this offbeat and wonderfully sexy tale.


“What is it about you ladies?” Rapja said as Junie returned to Melanie, planting kisses on her freshly shaved Mound of Venus and her glistening, swollen labia. “I watch plenty of ladies fuck, but you two…”

Melanie, massaging her ample breasts with her hands and sounding very far away, answered. “It’s not an act.”

“Really lesbians, huh?”

“Really anything,” Junie said, now fingering Melanie’s clit. “I think she’s about ready to blow. You gonna come for me, baby? Your clit is so hard!”

Junie put an arm around her waist and pulled Melanie’s hips off the bed as she masturbated her. Rapja, thrusting his hips as he beat off, his thigh muscles clenching, moved to the foot of the bed for a better view.

“I wouldn’t stand there,” Junie warned.

Word count: 6,400

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