Banned by Amazon: Seeding the Brat, WTF erotica by K.C. Cave


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Well, not exactly banned—“adult filtered,” which means it won’t come up in searches unless you click on the button that says “allow adult content” (which apparently not everyone figures out to do).

Apparently, “seeding” in a title got under Amazon’s skin in its latest sweep to keep erotica readers from finding content that, uh…they want to find? It’s censorship. But, you know, if you don’t like it, don’t shop on Amazon. Except just about everyone does.

It’s one of my hottest books, featuring explicit mutual MF masturbation fun (and, yes, my 18-year-old heroine wants to get knocked up). Buy it and treat yourself to some toe-curling erotica (and send a message to Amazon that its censorship don’t mean squat to you!). A better idea: Buy it from one of the other fine vendors listed below (who don’t go out of their way to “protect” you from sexually explicit fiction!).

 KC Cave - Seeding the Brat jpeg large

Hannah was wealthy after her rich parents drowned on their swingers cruise. All the money in the world, though, couldn’t do anything about the brat’s raging hormones and her overwhelming urge to procreate. So the 18-year-old beauty set her sights on Angus, the recent college grad she grew up with and who was now the man of the house, the sprawling Victorian mansion where they were raised.

One problem: Hannah’s never gone all the way, unless you count the recent fumbling by high school football star Biff Baxter in the backseat of his ’68 GTO (he dropped the ball at goal to go, and Hannah had to take things into her own hands). That fiasco behind her, she learned a lot about the male of the species as she huddled in her secret hiding place and watched the well-endowed Angus pleasure himself in the most innovative ways. The sight, sounds and smells of him coming to climax after climax over the summer gave the brat an idea that would right a wrong (Angus was gypped out of his inheritance) and satisfy her lust. But for the plan to work, Hannah must convince Angus it was his idea to seed the brat. [brat, masturbation, MF erotica, explicit erotica, mutual masturbation, taboo erotica, humorous erotica, virgin]

E-Read Erotica Reviews: The book finds its voice early, and it feels like comfortable writing. You know it when you reads it, the writer just takes you on a sight-filled trip, doesn’t feel obligated to explain everything, and skips along in time over the most important points until it settles down for the main event. There’s enough detail in each to make you feel like you know each place and character, but not enough that you feel wallowed down in minutia. The sex scenes even stop when they serve their point. Oh my, a writer actually in control of the beast? Very nice work, patience, and control shown here. Give yourself a gold star.

Word count: 8,858

Price: $2.99

Available from: Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Carnal Pleasures, Taboo Reading, Kobo, Excitica, Lulu, Google Play

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