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K.C. CAVE - Making Michael Obey - 625x1000BDSM Book Reviews: …an enjoyable read with likable characters and sexy scenarios. The writing is both fluid and imaginative. The author makes it easy for readers to project themselves into the action and care about the outcome. Those with a taste for hardcore erotica might not find this book suitable for their palate, but most others should.

The blurb: This 5-story value pack features mega-teaser Junie and her boyfriend Michael. She makes life miserable for him—seducing, spanking, licking and tormenting him all over the house just because he wants to loll her around on their new bed. It’s all loving fun in this 12,000-word set with explicit M/F sex, oral sex, spanking, masturbation, anal play, food desecration, and nonstop male humiliation.


I felt something cold and wet on my asshole. It dribbled down my crack to my balls. Lube? Maple syrup? Forty weight motor oil?

Lube. Her finger rimmed my taint, spreading the slickness around. Working it in.

Now what?

“Michael, do you remember when we drove to Martha’s Vineyard last summer?”

Do I. We averaged making love two point five times a day that week. A record.

“And you wouldn’t let me drive? And you got lost? For three hours? And you wouldn’t ask for directions?”

Damn. I knew I should’ve bought that GPS.

“Michael, I’ve been with numerous men, known them intimately. Slept with them, sucked their cocks, let them fuck my tits and eat my pussy.” She leaned in close. “You’re the best. By far. You’re the keeper.” Pulling back, Junie resumed massaging my asshole.

“But I’ve never been with a man who would ask for directions. Ever. Not fair.”

I felt something different on my asshole. Cold. Maybe steel or glass. She held it there and then started to apply pressure. Moved it around. Felt blunt. More pressure right on ground zero. Junie slid it in slowly. Then all the way. It burned at first, then subsided.

A butt plug. This was new. I’m a virgin, you know. Or was. I felt completely helpless, draped over the cedar chest, arms buried in my girlfriend’s junk, with this object inserted into my rectum. The weight of the thing pulled down against my asshole.

“Grip it, darling. You don’t want to know what happens if it falls out….”

Word count: 12,000

Price: $3.99

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