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E-Read Erotica Reviews: I love a writer who can go from zero-to-nasty in six seconds, in excruciating and luridly vivid detail. It is just filthy and open and sexy and close-up-camera porn and I love it. Unafraid. Downright nasty. Did I just read that? Hardcore textual sex. And then it goes back to sweet and normal in the next paragraph when the dirty deeds are done.

K.C. Cave crosses all her sexual boundaries in this collection of no-holds-barred erotic short stories and flash fiction—lesbian, MF, MMF, solo sex, bondage and boy-on-boy fun. She’s been told that mixing genres in erotic fiction is a no-no—readers are easily squicked when they come across a sexual flavor they don’t like. Really? Squicked by explicit erotica? If that’s true, you’ve been warned. But if you, like K.C., have an open mind (and body!) about all the shades and variations of explicit erotica, settle in and get ready to get titillated! [short fiction, flash fiction, LGBT, oral sex, anal sex, MF sex, male masturbation, bondage, lesbian, squirting, group sex, MMF three-way]


Mia entered the room, nude but for a shimmer bralette, nearly transparent with floral embroidery and unlined, wireless triangle cups that barely covered her small breasts. Her equally sheer V-string panty had matching floral embroidery on the front. And nothing in the back.

Stepping to the window, she leaned forward and put her hands on her knees. “What a view!” She knew her ass looked fantastic and that, because of the room’s backlighting, her asshole and labia were prominently visible between her ass cheeks. She had rehearsed the move last night and still had the footage in her smartphone.

Mia turned and struck a pose. “Like?”

Mike and Randy gaped, their trousers bulging.

Not waiting for an answer, she dropped to her knees and fished Mike’s cock out of his trousers. “I find it’s best to just work through these awkward starts,” she said, looking up at him and stroking his shaft.

To Randy: “Take your clothes off and get on the bed.”

Mia sucked the head of Mikes cock as she unbuckled his trousers. Mike gripped her head as she coated and stringed the length of his member with saliva. Pushing his boxers down, she hefted his balls.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth with an audible pop. “Everything off,” she mouthed to Mike and sauntered to the bed, hips swaying. Randy was on his back, his cock pointing at the ceiling and pulsing with his heartbeat. Mia stretched out next to him, put her hands to his face and kissed him.

Her hand moved down his chest, over his belly and found his cock. She stroked him as she tangled her tongue with his.

Mike, now nude, sat on the bed, his dick wet and throbbing.

Mia had two cocks in her hands. “You’re both going to fuck me. But I’m going to have my fun first.” She rolled on her back. “Feed me your cock,” she said to Randy.

Over her face, legs spread wide, Randy lowered his cock to Mia’s hungry mouth. “You’re close to coming,” she said between slurps. “I can taste your pre-cum. Young guy, aren’t you? How old, Randy?”

“Twenty-two,” he gasped. Mia was massaging his balls, separating the glands with her fingertips.

“How many you think you got in you?”

“Three, maybe four.”

“How about you, Mike? How many times can you come in a night?”

“With you? A dozen.”

Word count: 11,500

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Carnal Pleasures, Carnaltopia, Excitica, Fiction4All, Google Play, Kobo, Smashwords