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This week we would like to know how you feel about being naked…


Are you at ease being naked? Do you feel more comfortable clothed or unclothed? Can you explain why you feel this way?

nude hikingI’m a nudist. I’m most at ease when I’m not wearing clothes. Whenever possible, I’m nude at home. I write and sleep nude, too. I love the feeling of air on my body. I experience freedom and joy when I’m not restricted by clothing.

The absolute best is outdoors (I write this as a blizzard approaches, and, full disclosure, I’m wearing clothes). My favorite activity is hiking nude. And, well, sex outdoors is awesome, but let’s not confuse things. While nudity is sensual, I don’t automatically equate it with sex. Unfortunately, I live on the East Coast of North America, where nudity is often confused with sexuality and is not acceptable (and worse—it’s not only frowned upon, public nudity is illegal). Weather allowing, I enjoy outside nudity as often as possible (including in my backyard, after dark: I’m a nudist, not an exhibitionist). And, yeah, when I’m outside nude and the opportunity presents itself, I masturbate or fuck. This usually happens on long hikes to secluded places. But an orgasm doesn’t diminish the enjoyment of being nude. I’ll continue hiking sans clothing (and, yes, I keep something handy to slip on just in case I meet someone on the trail).

My opportunities for social nudism are limited to the occasional visit to a nudist resort. It’s liberating to be with other people, both sexes, old and young, fat and skinny, enjoying themselves without clothes on. Swimming in the nude is a thrill (and makes it worth the price of admission, so to speak). While this may seem counter-intuitive, in a social setting with other nude people, self-consciousness evaporates in minutes. Your shape, color and body scars don’t matter. In fact, socializing with nude people while clothed is unsettling—you’ll strip fast to join them! As any nudist will tell you, hanging around all day in the nude is incredibly relaxing, too. The top item on my bucket list is to stay at a nudist resort for several weeks—and never wear clothes the entire time. That’s a vacation!