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KC CAVE - The XXX Widow _ smallExcerpt from The XXX Widow:

Melanie liked long sessions of foreplay, not that her now-departed boyfriend often complied. And, anticipating this afternoon of forbidden love, she had envisioned a long, languid session of play with Junie.

But, here she was less than a half-hour into their session, and her nerves were bunched together and screaming for release. Standing by the bed, her lingerie piled on the floor, she pulled Junie to her and kissed her full on the mouth. At the same time, her hand found Junie’s pussy.

Junie was wet, probably as soaked as she was. Junie lurched in her arms as Melanie spread the other woman’s labia, her finger probing for her clit.

She found it. The nub was tiny and hard. Junie sagged in her arms and mewed as Melanie tortured her with a forefinger. “Did you think you were going to fuck me first?” she whispered in Junie’s ear. “Am I upsetting your plan?”

She backed Junie to the bed and fell to her knees between her legs. Junie fell back, her arms splayed, her legs in the air. Melanie pushed her further back, and Junie’s feet found her shoulders.

“Somebody’s excited,” Melanie murmured as she began to explore Junie’s pussy. It was different from her own, as Michael had said. While swollen and red, Junie’s outer labia were smaller, and her inner labia were tiny and delicate. Her clit, too, was a tiny white bud, barely visible in her folds.

The sight and smell of Junie’s vulva had fired her up even more. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this excited. Not even her session with Michael, which had been a fabulous release and a full-scale, illicit romp with another woman’s husband, compared to this exciting new experience of making love to a woman.

Melanie dug her tongue into Junie’s pussy, tasting the saltiness of her channel. Moving up her vulva, she swirled her tongue on her little inner lips, licking and swallowing Junie’s juices. Arriving at her clit, she tortured it with light licks. Then, remembering Michael’s advice, she clamped her lips to the tiny button and gently sucked.

Junie bucked, her hands alternating between gripping the bedspread and pinching her breasts. To tame her thrashing hips, Melanie slid one, then another, finger into Junie’s tight, wet hole. She pushed down against the bottom of the channel, doing her best to mimic a thrusting penis.

Each push of her hand elicited a louder, more animal-like grunt from Junie’s throat. Her orgasm was building inside her, heat and fireworks spreading from her pelvis to her chest, over her small, pert breasts, over her throat, and pulsing to her scalp. Every fiber of her being was inflamed as Melanie mercilessly fucked her with her hand and mouth.

The contractions started. Junie yelped, her shoulders lifting off the bed, the walls of her pussy clenching on Melanie’s fingers, as if she never wanted them to leave. Her neck stretched and her breasts, small as they were, bounced to the rhythm of Melanie’s movement.

“Holy fuck,” Junie whispered as Melanie’s fingers slid out of her. Lifting her head, she looked at Melanie’s face between her legs, smeared with her juices. “You sure you’ve never fucked a woman before?”

“I did some research,” she said, reaching for a towel and wiping her face. “That was just a warm-up.”

Melanie basked in the pure joy of giving another woman so much pleasure. She was totally amped, and, no doubt, teetering on the edge of her own, first orgasm. But she had more in store for Junie. She had turned the tables on this sexual athlete. She wanted to remain the aggressor.

She pulled Junie, still limp, fully onto the bed and, grabbing her hips, turned her over. Sitting next to her, Melanie threw a leg over Junie and pushed her legs apart. Gently, Melanie parted Junie’s ass cheeks and poured a dollop of lube that trickled down her crevice.

Junie’s breath quickened as Melanie worked her bottom, an index finger zoning in and working around her anus. Her fingertip probed Junie’s brown hole as she slipped a hand under her pelvis, lifting her and applying pressure to her clit. It was hard again.

Melanie’s finger explored her rim farther, penetrating it slightly as her other hand rubbed her wet nub. Junie was getting it from both sides, the stimulation amped by the fact that she couldn’t see what was being done to her. She pulled her hands into her chest and settled her breasts, her nipples hard, into her hands.

Melanie slipped her finger into Junie’s asshole to the first knuckle as she crooked a finger in her other hand and slid into her pussy. Junie gasped and bit the pillow to stop from crying out. Junie was being penetrated from both sides by a lover she barely knew—other than she had made love to her husband the week before, maybe in this same hotel room.

Sensing Junie’s surrender, Melanie moved past teasing, her finger moving deeper into her anus while driving more fingers into her cunt. She drew her knees up, which had the effect of lifting Junie’s legs and hips, making it easier to fuck her from both sides. Junie was making continuous noises, some cries, some whimpers, the occasional yelp, as Melanie fingered her relentlessly.

The first wave of Junie’s orgasm hit her with such force that her ass lurched, nearly pulling Melanie’s fingers out of her pussy and pushing her other finger another knuckle deeper into her ass. One orgasm melded into another as Junie, face down on the bed, exploded and shook.

Melanie pulled out of her and spread out on the bed. She pulled Junie into her, nestling her breasts into her back, giving her warmth as Junie whimpered, her energy spent.

“On your back,” Melanie ordered.

Junie rolled over, and Melanie straddled her, her pussy inches from Junie’s face.

“Your husband told me he had a girlfriend with a pussy like mine,” Melanie said, one hand kneading her long inner labia, while the other hand massaged a tit. “Then he sucked and nibbled on my lips. Would you like to taste me?”

Junie lurched toward her, and Melanie scooted back, teasing her. Settling on Junie’s stomach, Melanie began masturbating. “I’m so close,” she murmured. “I’m gonna blow.”

“You bitch!” Junie cried. “Let me touch you! Let me eat you!”

Melanie laughed and fell to her side. Scrooching up against the headboard, she continued to taunt Junie as she jilled-off. “Just another few seconds…”

Junie attacked her, grabbing her breasts and burying her tongue in the other woman’s mouth. Melanie giggled as Junie buried her face in her boobs, kissing and squeezing them.

“Eat me, Junie. I’ll let you know if you’re as good as Michael.”