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When do you know when a trend is no longer a trend, but an established part of Western civilization?

It’s when the business community says so—in this case, the high-end Swedish sex toy manufacturer LELO.

“As 2015 continued to bring sexual identity and gender expression to the forefront of mainstream conversation, LELO witnessed a shift in sex toy sales, with prostate massagers jumping up the ranks to become one of the top sold pleasure products,” the company announced (courtesy of fellow blogger HornyGeekGirl).

“LELO reports that anal pleasure is the most commonly enquired topic they received going into 2016, with ‘which toys to use’, ‘which products can be shared by partners’ and ‘the best techniques’ all making up the top three questions, with enquiries about pegging techniques on the rise as well,” LELO added.

I’m pleased, but hardly shocked, that assholes is coming out of the closet/emerging from the shadows/soon to be a major motion picture at a theater near you (pick one). I’ve been a big fan of anal sex since, well, I started exploring all those holes and parts down there, lo those many years ago.

But, I’ll admit, there was a time when discretion dictated anal exploration with a partner: One simply waited until the writhing started in earnest before lubing up and hitting what I’ve always affectionately called the turbo button.

Now, it’s more like, Hey, honey, check out this $2,600 gold butt plug (with matching cuff links!) on the LELO site.