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KC CAVE - Titillate _ smallK.C. Cave crosses all her sexual boundaries in this collection of no-holds-barred erotic short stories and flash fiction—lesbian, MF, MMF, solo sex, bondage and boy-on-boy fun.

She’s been told that mixing genres in erotic fiction is a no-no—readers are easily squicked when they come across a sexual flavor they don’t like. Really? Squicked by explicit erotica? If that’s true, you’ve been warned. But if you, like K.C., have an open mind (and body!) about all the shades and variations of explicit erotica, settle in and get ready to get titillated! [short fiction, flash fiction, LGBT, oral sex, anal sex, MF sex, male masturbation, bondage, lesbian, squirting, group sex, MMF three-way]

Excerpt (from Crosswalk):

I led her upstairs by the hand. In a moment, we were nude. I followed her into the oversized shower, now billowing with steam.

We kissed again, wrapped in each other’s arms under the twin shower heads. I ran my hand down her back and cupped her asscheeks. Her hands, tentative, found my shoulders.

I looked down at her small breasts, high on her chest, a little saggy. Nice. Nude, she looked older, maybe north of forty. I could see little crows feet at the corners of her eyes.

“First time?” I was soaping her breasts, wondering if they were more than a mouthful.

“I woke up this morning incredibly horny,” Bridgette said. “My head was filled with images of nude women. That’s never happened to me before. I’m a soccer mom! I thought a jog would clear my head. Then you made that outrageous comment!”

“Not a comment. A pass. It sounds like maybe this was meant to be.”

“May I?” Her hands hovered over my breasts.

I pushed my erect nipples into her palms. I was boiling over inside. The direct line between my nubs and clit went live.

I turned her around and soaped her back. My knee went between her legs so my hand could reach her pussy. Squeezing her labia together, I pulled her to me. She moaned and, turning her head toward her shoulder, I met her lips with mine and drove my tongue into her mouth.

We toweled each other off—or, rather, tried to; it’s awkward to run a towel over another woman when you’re wet yourself. We clambered on my bed.

“I want to show what a woman can do for another woman,” I said, a hand to her face. “But, first, would you like to explore me?”

“Cath, I want to see your pussy.”

Word count: 11,500

Price: $2.99

Available: Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Carnal Pleasures, Carnaltopia, Excitica, Fiction4All, Google, Kobo, Smashwords