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Teaser from Big Date [M/F, female masturbation, sex toy erotica, explicit erotica, fellatio]:

It had been nearly two years since Amy had been with a man. To be sure, nothing can replace the sensation and orgasm she got from a hard cock. It’s just what it was attached to. Cold, plastic, penis-shaped vibrators just didn’t do it for her. Thank God for modern technology—miniature motors and batteries had opened up a new world of sexual pleasure.

At home in bed or stretched out in her favorite chair, Amy kept a selection of vibrators within easy reach. Spontaneity was the key.

She remembered a night three weeks earlier, a weekday night after a typically hard day at the office, when the urge struck, despite her weariness. While often mental, this time it started with a stirring between her legs. Amy stretched out in her chair, fully clothed, and closed her eyes.

This was the key moment. Let the thinking, if not stop, then at least slow down. Breathe, relax, feel. When she remembered, she meditated. That night, she didn’t remember. The urge was overwhelming.

After a few minutes, Amy moved both hands to her breasts, outlining their shape with her index fingers. She kept her eyes closed as the tension of the day begin to dissolve. She loved to outline her shape and feel the changes as her arousal slowly built.

Unbuttoning her blouse, she ran her fingers over the lace of her bra. An involuntary moan emanated from her throat. Sliding a hand inside one of the cups, Amy gave a little squeeze. Her nipple responded, stiffening to her touch.

A quick motion to the clasp between the cups of her bra freed her breasts. Amy cupped them in her hands, feeling their heft, and ran her thumbs slowly around her nipples. The left one, usually slower to respond, came to a full erection. She rolled each nipple between thumb and forefinger, giving the right one a fast little squeeze. A jolt of electricity flashed down her breast to between her legs.

The look of her boobs, round and pert, the nipples bright pink, always thrilled her. She ran her hands over them in wide sweeps, feeling their velvety smoothness and grazing the rock-hard nubs. Squeezing an entire breast in one hand, Amy pinched the nipple between thumb and finger as she pushed it up toward her throat, feeling its weight. The pressure was delicious.

Her sweeps broadened toward her belly and navel. A flame had ignited between her legs. Amy gathered her skirt and pulled it up, all the while caressing first one breast, then the other.

Spreading her knees, Amy trailed her fingertips between her legs, lightly outlining her mound through her panties as she pinched her nipple harder. Grasping her outer labia between her fingertips and the heel of her hand, she gave a squeeze. The heat was building to a slow burn and she could feel the moisture between her legs, her pussy slickening. Tapping her outer labia with her forefinger made her lips swell even more. She hiked up her hips and pulled the panties off.

Amy was wet and ready.

She spread a little lube on a vibrator—a small fingertip job—and slipped it on her forefinger. Starting out, Amy made little circles at the entrance of her vagina, drawing out the juices. Moving the vibrator up toward the clit, she spread the moisture around, soaking her lips. A demanding ache began to build. Not so fast. She backed off and outlined her shape, moving the vibrator down her glistening labia, then back up to her pink, erect clit.

The tightening walls of her pussy were an invitation to Amy’s finger. Planting the vibrator on her clit, she ran an index finger down her lips, covering it with slithery juices and crooking it so that it slid into her hole. She explored her insides before settling into a steady rhythm in concert with the rocking motion of the vibrator on her hard clit.

As the crescendo built, the walls of her vagina clenched and unclenched on her finger buried deep inside. Amy moaned, her body shaking with the intensity of her orgasm. Hips heaving and her spine arched, Amy threw her head back as the waves of pleasure ripped through her body. With a discipline mastered over the years, she held the vibrator against her clit, the buzz never wavering, the pleasure building again toward her next climax.

And the next.

And the next.

After going through two sets of batteries and experiencing countless orgasms, Amy slept better than she had in months.