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It’s yet another TMI Tuesday blog hop, wherein I answer questions about myself, with the emphasis on sex (not a problem!), and with the hope that some people will visit my blog.

1. My dream vacation is to _____ .

…that French village on the Mediterranean where you can go nude all the time! I want to sit in a sidewalk cafe, order a cappuccino, and spread my legs! Then shop for white asparagus, baguettes and wine. I want to stand in front of the refrigerated cheese section and watch my nipples go zoom!

2. Right now I’m in _____ .

…a state of acceptance. I was brought up that sex is bad, including touching myself sexually. Now I know that was wrong, and after years of struggle I accept my sexual desires as normal and enjoyable. Probably the most significant aspects to my new-found easiness about sex are masturbation and nudity. I now practice both with ease and a sense of fun (see photo above; not me, but quite representative of how I keep house). Weather allowing, I’m nude all the time (but, it’s important to note, I’m not an exhibitionist). That means mostly at home and in the woods, because I love to hike nude. I masturbate almost daily and really enjoy experimenting—new toys, different positions (yesterday, on my back, legs splayed and up the wall, hips on several pillows, both orifices filled, just to mention one), with different people (which really amps the fun!) and different locations. I discovered the joy of public masturbation when I got a strap-on butterfly vibrator with a remote! Outrageous fun—and discreet! I’ve masturbated in my car, in parks, while walking, at the mall…Masturbation and nudity are now major parts of my lifestyle.

3. I’m done with _____ .

…Xmas. It’s insanely commercial and without meaning (except to children, of course). I can relax when it’s over.

4. The most enjoyable thing around the holidays is _____ .

See No. 3.

5. Dashing through the snow, in a _____ .

…four-wheel drive anything to an inn in Vermont for a week of skiing, snowboarding, sauna and hot tub, dinner by firelight, and fucking! Not necessarily in that order!

6. When my blog is broken, _____.

…I call my IT department. He’s good-looking, calm, competent and a good negotiator. Depending on the extent of the problem, it can cost anything from a blow job to a quickie to an all-night fuckfest. Which is all within my budget.

7. If only _____ .

…I could clone a clitoris to the back of my mouth. Just sayin.’

Bonus: I saw the most amazing _____ this last night!

…nude woman! On Tumblr! Wanna see? She’s amazing!


felizpaloma: La Loba, Fairfax, CA, 2011

© Feliz Paloma González

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