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K.C. CAVE - Lip Service JPEG_smallFrom Lip Service:

The mall was jammed. We moved through the food court, picked up some sushi, and found a table. As I raised my chop sticks to my mouth, I saw the corners of Moriah’s eyes crinkle as she flicked the remote to vibrator strapped between my legs.

“Leave it on for a minute,” I said before popping a California roll into my mouth.

The taste of avocado, cucumber, and crabmeat, spiked by the heat of a hefty pinch of wasabi, exploded in my mouth as the throbbing in my pussy escalated to a fever pitch. Moriah had hit me a few times in the car on the drive over, keeping me at a rolling boil.

Now I was close to erupting.

The throbbing stopped. Moriah put her hand on my knee. “Easy, big girl.”

I inhaled and popped another roll. “That was close.”

Now, I was wet. As in, big-splotch-on-the-skirt wet. Not to worry. My dark skirt wouldn’t show.

We finished lunch and rode the escalator down to a large public area, a big fountain surrounded by benches, and we found a seat. The sound of splashing water was reassuringly noisy, especially if Moriah hit the remote and I had an orgasm. I might need a covering sound when I came.

“Darling, a shoe sale! Be right back!” Moriah jumped up and headed toward a store a few yards away. Oh, joy! My girlfriend called me darling!

My pussy pulsed as the vibrator came alive. Moriah didn’t forget. I glanced over and saw her intently eyeing a pair of boots in the store window.

My clit hummed in sync with the gizmo strapped between my legs, my labia flowering as blood rushed to my pussy. I braced my hands to the bench, sat up straighter, closed my eyes, and gripped the edge of with both hands. This was getting intense. How long could I hold off? Would Moriah show me any mercy?

I felt a presence next to me on the bench. Smiling, I opened my eyes and turned, expecting to see my beautiful girlfriend.

It wasn’t Moriah. It was Kate! My first lesbian lover! The gorgeous woman who had seduced me on campus two weeks ago!

“At it again, are you?” Her face beamed, her eyes wide. “You’re incorrigible!”

“Oh, Kate, this is even better!” I gushed. “Look over there.” She followed my eyes to the shoe store, where Moriah was leaning over, her pert ass pushed out as she intently inspected the thigh-high boots. Her hand moved and the buzzing stopped.

“That hot little number checking out the boots? She’s yours?”

“Yeah, and she’s got the remote. I’m just about ready to blow.”

“You don’t have to tell me!”

I grabbed her hand. “Don’t get any ideas,” I warned. “Dibs!”

Kate laughed and shook her head. “No worries there. I wouldn’t dream of intruding.”

I saw Moriah walk into the store.

“Kate, I’m in love,” I gushed. “Her name is Moriah. Listen, I met her the same way I met you. It’s because of this vibrator. She’s a cop. I was on the interstate, my buzzer buzzing, and she pulled me over just as I was about to explode. She watched me orgasm. Then we went to a motel!”

Kate took my hand and squeezed it. Moriah exited the store and walked toward us. Kate released my hand.

“Four hundred and fifty bucks!” Moriah said. “They’re beautiful, but no way.”

After introducing Kate, I pulled Moriah close to me and held her hand. I recounted my earlier rendezvous with Kate—how we had watched each other masturbate and then went into her bedroom and made love.

“Really, Moriah, if Kate hadn’t seen me jilling on that park bench and seduced me in her apartment, I wouldn’t have taken you after you pulled me over,” I said. “Kate’s the reason we’re together. She gave me my lesbian chops. You could say she’s the reason we’re in love!”

Moriah leaned over and planted a kiss on Kate’s cheek. “Thank you!”

Kate took both of us by the hand and leaned forward to whisper.

“Listen, I just had a great idea. Alison, you know how much I like to watch. Why don’t you two come with me back to my apartment? It’s much nicer than this. I would so much enjoy seeing you make love.”

I clutched. I felt a surge of possessiveness about my girlfriend. And a twinge of jealousy.

Moriah’s face lit up. “Let’s do it, Allie! We owe her.”

“Please,” Kate implored. “You won’t regret it. I promise.”

I smiled and stood. I held Moriah’s hand the whole way back to the car. We got in and followed Kate to her place.

“Kate, it looks different.” We had just stepped inside her apartment, the scene of my first lesbian debauchery two weeks ago, and I noticed that there wasn’t as much furniture. And a lot fewer books.

“It’s just me now,” she explained. “I threw him out. After I told him about our little tryst, he got shitty, which I didn’t appreciate. Later, I saw his tablet on the table and checked it out. I found some nude photos of a hot little foreign undergrad sucking his dick and spreading her hole for the camera. The hypocrite.”

“I’m sorry.” What else can you say?

“It’s all for the better. Make yourselves comfortable, and I’ll get the wine.”

Moriah and I settled on the couch. I turned and touched her face. “I feel so protective of you,” I said. “I feel selfish.”

“It’s okay. We’re just returning a favor. Kate brought us together. I’m not going to make love to her. I’m going to make love to you.”

Kate entered the room carrying a tray with three glasses and a bottle of Chardonnay. She had taken off her clothes.

“God, I’m so horny,” she said, pouring the wine, her scrumptious breasts dangling just inches from my face. “Seeing you in the mall so close to coming made me hot.”

I glanced at Moriah, who was also admiring Kate’s spectacular body. I looked back at Kate, whose proportioned breasts and curves were close to perfection. Wow, I thought, my first lesbian orgy!

The wine was cold and delicious. Moriah put down her glass and looked at Kate, who was sitting back in an armchair with her legs spread. Her outer labia glistened, and her nipples were erect.

“Kate, I don’t believe in coincidences,” Moriah said. “Our meeting in the mall was, what’s the word? Auspicious? I’ve never felt so wickedly sexual. I want to show you what you’ve done. I want to show you how much I love Alison.”

Kate placed her glass on a table and put her hand between her legs and started massaging her wet folds. “Why don’t you two go into the bedroom? I know you’re warmed up, Alison. I’ll pleasure myself while you two get comfortable. Give a shout when you’re ready.”

Moriah led me by the hand into the bedroom. She helped me out of my top and bra, removed my skirt, pulled down my soaked panties, and unfastened the vibrator.

“We won’t need this for a while,” she said, wrapping the purple, butterfly-shaped device in tissue and placing it in her purse. “I’m going to use my tongue. And my lips.”

“Lip service?”

“Yes, darling, lip service like you’ve never had it before.”

Moriah slipped out of her clothes and climbed on the bed. She pushed me on my back and took my face in her hands.

“Remember this morning, Allie? Remember when you said you love me? And I said I love you?”

“I remember.”

“Don’t you ever forget it,” she said and kissed me. I opened my mouth a bit, and her tongue darted inside, grazing my teeth. Her hand moved to the back of my head, and she pulled me in to deepen the kiss. I surrendered to the touch of my magic woman as our kiss intensified, and her hands trailed down my body.

Moriah broke off.

“I’m going to fuck you now. You’re way overdue, you know. It’s been a long morning, and the afternoon is half over. I’m going to stroke your pretty pink pussy, and I’m going to lick it. I’m going to make you come.”

I moaned as her hands slid down my belly, over my mound, and found my aching slit. Moriah climbed down off the bed, positioning her head between my legs, her knees on the floor. She placed her hands on my hips.

“Kate?” she called. “Kate, please come in now.”

The door opened, and Kate walked in, wine glass in her hand. She lowered herself into a side chair close to the bed and lifted her heels to the edge of the mattress. I only had to turn my head to see her pussy, wet and swollen.

Moriah gently stroked my labia. In a moment, Kate was fingering her pussy while her other hand cupped an ample breast and tortured a nipple. Her eyes lifted and met mine. She smiled.

I had never felt so sexual in my life. My serial gang bang two weeks before paled in comparison to this bedroom adventure with two beautiful, sexual women. One was only three feet away, pleasuring herself in my full view. The other was planted between my legs, about to send me on a journey to the stars. Or, at least, Planet O.

Moriah began to eat me. Lip service, as we called it.

She licked me slowly and tenderly between my legs, planting light kisses on my thighs between long pulls of her tongue on my fully aroused vulva. I was so excited, so close to exploding from the hours of exquisite torture leading up to this moment, that I instinctively moved my hands to my breasts as my hips began writhe.

Moriah looked up, her face smiling up at me, shiny with my juices and her own spit. “No, you don’t,” she said, grabbing my hands and pulling them down. “I’ll get to those later.”

Her mouth made love to my labia. She moved up and fluttered her tongue on my clit. My engorged nub broke free of its hood, and I bucked, my hips twisting, my legs churning in the air.

I heard a loud cry. I glanced over at Kate, who had scrunched down in her chair as she masturbated. Her hips had elevated off the chair as both of her hands worked her cunt, her pelvis bucking. She was coming, hard.

Moriah’s tongue on my clit and Kate’s explosive orgasm pushed me to the edge. The sex glaze came over me, the sex glaze that makes everything seem speeded up. My heart was pumping so fast and so was my pussy.

My hands gripped Moriah’s head as she vigorously worked my pussy with her lips and tongue. Slurps and snorts, rude noises that would normally make me laugh, emanated from my between my legs. Reaching up, I grabbed my flailing ankles, which rotated my hips upward, pushing my pussy further into my lover’s face.

The tension building inside me was unbearable. My bunched nerves were ready to blow. Kate screamed again, and I exploded, creaming my lover’s face.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me as bolts of ecstasy surged out of my pussy, up my ass, through my breasts, and out the crown of my head. A million stars exploded as I sailed through the unknown.

Slowly, I returned to earth. My pussy tingled, but I felt a strange emptiness inside my body. I didn’t want to move. I was limp on the bed.

I felt a cool hand on my cheek. “Alison. Earth to Alison. Come in.”

I opened my eyes. My darling Moriah was next to me, lying on her side, her pert breasts standing out on her chest. “You okay?”

“That was incredible. You were incredible. Thank you.”

I heard a rustle and turned my head. Kate was sitting on the side of the bed, one knee up as she leaned back on an arm.

“So, who hasn’t had an orgasm?” Kate asked, arching an eyebrow. We turned to Moriah, who put her arms out and made little come-hither gestures with her hands.

“Here I am, girls,” she said. “Come and get me.”

I went for Moriah’s little tits, one per hand, as Kate moved down the bed and positioned her face between her legs. My girlfriend pulled my face up to hers and we kissed.

“You okay with Kate licking my pussy?”

I smiled my assent and moved back to her breasts, kissing her nipples and stroking them to hard, pink points. Moriah arched her back, a blast of air coming out of her lungs. Kate, stretched out face-down on the bed, was working my girlfriend’s labia with her mouth. Her ass was exquisite, round and firm.

I got to my knees and threw a leg over Moriah, settling my pussy on her chest. I leaned in close. “Ever eat a girl while being eaten by a girl?”

“No and neither have you!”

“Wanna try?”

She threw her head back and stuck out her tongue, beckoning me. I settled on her face, and her lips dug into my pussy.

Two minutes ago, I was sated. Now, my pussy was on fire again as Moriah’s tongue flicked against my clit. I moved my hips languidly, making little circles, smearing my juices on her face.

Moriah moved her hands to my hips, then traced her fingertips down over the curve of my asscheeks. She gripped my ass hard as I churned my cunt into her face. Her tongue was deep in my vagina.

The intensity of Kate’s oral on Moriah’s pussy made her writhe on the bed. She pushed me away, her head thrashing from side to side as she gasped for air. I lifted off her face and felt her legs flailing wildly behind me. Moriah screamed, her body bucking off the bed, as her orgasm ripped through her.

I swung my leg out and slid back next to her, pulling her close as she whimpered, her hands alternating between Kate’s head and the bedspread.

Kate moved up the bed, her mouth and cheeks shiny with Moriah’s juices and her own saliva. She leaned over Moriah and kissed me gently. “Your girlfriend tastes wonderful,” she whispered. “You’re a lucky woman.” I could taste Moriah on her lips.

“Hey, you two, none of that.” It was Moriah, coming back to earth. “That’s my girlfriend you’re smooching.”

“That was just a thank you kiss,” Kate said. “You get one, too.” She leaned down and kissed Moriah, who returned the kiss. Their lips lingered, gently touching.

I moved my hand to Kate’s hip and slowly outlined the roundness of her ass. She shifted, accommodating herself to my caresses, and I reached between her legs and probed the moistness of her swollen vulva. My fingers danced alongside her slick, wet labia.

Moriah, still on her back, moved her hands to Kate’s breasts as they continued to kiss. I got on my knees, pulled Kate’s legs apart and attacked her pussy with both hands, one behind and one in front. I found her swollen nub and started circling it with a finger.

Moriah rose to her knees, and we sandwiched Kate between us, me in back, my lover in front. Four hands and two mouths attacked Kate—one on her ass, one on her pussy, one on each of her plump breasts.

Moriah kissed her neck, her throat, her cheeks, and her lips. I ran my lips and tongue over Kate’s back, while I vigorously fucked her with both hands.

I pushed her legs farther apart with a knee and inserted first one, then two fingers into her vagina. My other hand cupped her pussy juices and pulled them up the crack of her ass. I circled her anus with a forefinger, gently working the liquid into her puckered hole.

Kate moaned and thrust her hips back, offering her ass to me.

I slipped a third finger into her cunt, then plunged my forefinger into her ass. Kate stiffened and then shook, her chest heaving as she gasped for air.

Moriah dropped a hand to Kate’s pussy, attacking her clit. How much can a woman take? How much stimulation? How much attention? We were about to find out.

With a scream, Kate came, her hips jerking up and down. I felt like I was pulling her orgasm right out of her body with both of my hands. Half my hand was buried in her cunt, and her liquid streamed down my wrist. My nostrils filled with her pussy musk, and I breathed her hormonal reek in.

My hand popped out of her vagina, and Kate half fell, babbling incoherently as Moriah and I lowered her to the bed. Moriah cradled her head in her arms and stroked her hair.

“Do you think we hurt her?” Moriah asked.

Kate’s eyes opened, and she blinked. Then she smiled. “Won’t you stay for dinner?”
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