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sexycopHiking back to the car, I was sated—for now. I walked along, enjoying the woods and the quiet. Then the memory of my morning fuck and yesterday’s lesbian fling crowded in. My cunt began to smolder, so I stopped, stepped out of my hiking shorts, and strapped the vibrator on. The day had warmed up, and, what the hell, I hiked nude for a mile or so, flicking the vibrator on and off. The clean mountain air on my breasts and ass was delicious.

Just before reaching my car, I threw my clothes back on.

Pulling out of the parking lot, another nasty thought intruded: While I’ve given my fair share of blow jobs to lucky guys behind the wheel, I had never masturbated while driving. With the remote, I could control my stimulation. I didn’t want a full-blown orgasm while tooling down the interstate, right? But this could make the drive home a lot more interesting—and the whole reason I’d bought it was to try something new.

It did. I switched it on and off, maintaining my sexual pitch at an elevated but even keel. The vibrations, in addition to directly stimulating my clit, bounced off the fabric of the car seat and radiated over my behind. I clenched my ass muscles and my asshole puckered as a shudder shot up my spine. Two simultaneous thoughts hit: Grab a tissue to blot my juices before I stain the seat, and click the vibrator off.

The entrance ramp to the freeway swung hard to the right. My speed was a little too high and the tissue box slid against the passenger door. Reaching for it, I heard something drop between the seats.

It was the damn remote. Shit. Okay, be calm. Find a safe place and pull over.

I checked my mirrors and, holy fuck, a cop car was right behind me, its roof light flashing.

The throbbing between my legs was ramping up as I pulled over. In the rearview mirror, I watched as a woman in a blue uniform got out and walked up to my car. Maybe a fellow woman would understand what I’d been up to.

“May I see your license and registration?”

She was really young, maybe mid-twenties, close to ten years younger than my thirty-two, with a round face, and blue eyes. And short, too: She was almost eye-level with me as I fumbled in my day pack for my license, adding to my nerves.

Handing it to her, my pussy creamed as I orgasmed, the tension heightened by not being able to make a sound. Gritting my teeth, I squeezed my eyes shut as my other hand reached down to my shorts in an effort to push the vibrator off my clit. I withheld a scream, clenching my thighs together.

It must have shown.

“Ma’am, step out of the car.”

I knew this wasn’t the time to reach under the seat and grope for the remote. I got out and stood unsteadily next to my car.

“Turn around and put your hands against the roof.”

The cop ran her hands up my sides and down my back. Pausing, she patted the inside of my thighs. No way could she not feel the buzzer between my legs.

“Ma’am, is this some kind of an electrical device?”

Damn. This was the second day in a row I’d been caught jilling-off in public. What could I say? The truth worked yesterday, so what the hell.

“Yes, officer, it’s a vibrator. I’m masturbating.”

I waited, every inch of my body on high alert.

“Ma’am, that’s a very dangerous thing to do while operating a motor vehicle.”

“I know officer, and I’m sorry,” I said. The remorse in my voice wasn’t forced. “I was using the remote control to, uh, keep things under control. But it slid off the seat. That’s when you pulled me over.”

“You can step away from the car, ma’am,” she said. “I’m going to issue you a warning.”

“Thank you, officer,” I said, turning to face her. I was a full head taller. Her hair was tucked up under her police cap, with a wisp of dark hair dangling out the back. I was about ready to come again. Damn, she was cute. I wanted her to pull my shorts down and bury her face in my pussy.

“You probably should, uh, remove that thing,” she said. “But not here.”

She gazed at me steadily. Glancing down, I saw two small bulges protruding through her uniform shirt. The cop was staring straight right at my hard nipples, straining through my hiking shirt. Could it be? Was I to be saved again by the lesbian goddess?

“I may need some help,” I said. “Isn’t that what police officers do? Render help when needed?” My relief at not being arrested for lewdness and reckless driving mingled with the full-on throbbing between my legs. I was ready to blow again. Doing it with this uniformed little cutie would be icing on the cake.

“Ma’am, my shift just ended.” She was still looking at me, playing it straight, her eyes roving from my nipples on down, as if she could see exactly how wet she was making me. “If you’d like, you can follow me and I can give you assistance. I just want to be clear. You’re free to go. The traffic stop is over.”

Smiling my assent, I got back in the car. Reaching down, I found the remote, just in time, and turned it off. The squad car pulled around me and I followed.

At the next exit I followed her into the parking lot of a cut-rate motel. We pulled up to the office. A sign in the window read: “Rooms by the hour.”

The cop walked up to my car and I lowered the window.

“Wait here, ma’am,” she said. “Be right back.”

My pussy surged as I envisioned what was about to happen. What is it about motel sex? I loved getting down and dirty in a rented room. The anonymity mingled with the unfamiliar surroundings—hell, even the small bars of soap wrapped in paper—appealed to my inner slut. It just made me want to take my clothes off and rut.

Five minutes later, she put a key in my hand. “It’s around back. I’ll meet you there.”

The décor was basic crummy motel, enhanced with the stale aroma of cigarettes, burn marks on the desk, and a double bed that sagged. I kicked off my boots, tore off my socks, dropped my shorts, and took off my shirt. Fully nude, I laid back on the bed, vibrator to my clit and remote in my hand. I turned it on and closed my eyes.

The vibrations shot up my spine as I slid two fingers into my pussy. My hole was sloppy wet. Echoes of the cock that had been pounding me two hours ago still reverberated in my pelvis and ass. My sexual energy was at a fever pitch, my nerves bunched and ready for release. Just as I was ready to climax, the door opened and the cop came in.

“Not wasting any time, ma’am?”

“Two things,” I responded. “Call me Alison and take off your clothes.” It was my turn to order her around—and I liked it.

I turned off the vibrator and stroked my nipples to hard, pink points as I watched her undress. I pulled the vibrator off. No more mechanical stimulation. I craved a human touch—and it didn’t matter if it was from a man or a woman. Actually, no—I wanted this beautiful cop who’d been so kind as to let me off. Now I wanted to get her off.

The cop approached the bed. She was nude, and I admired the view. She had small breasts and a round and tight little behind. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed.“Uh, ma’am…I’m sorry, can’t help saying ‘ma’am,’” she said. “Alison, I’ve never done this before. I mean, with a woman.”

I smiled and grabbed her hand. “I’m new at this, too,” I said, pulling her down to the edge of the bed. “Believe or not, this is only my second time. I bought this new toy for myself, and it’s led me to some new adventures.”

“It really is dangerous to use a vibrator while driving—even if it’s hands free,” she said. “Oh, sorry, there I go being a cop again. How do we start?”

“Why don’t you touch me?” I asked. Scooting my bare ass to the edge of the bed, I turned and opened my legs to her.

Her eyes ran over my aroused vulva. Tentatively, she ran her fingertips along my engorged pussy. I placed a hand on one of her small breasts, encasing and lifting it. I felt her nipple respond and push against my palm. Her body relaxed.

“C’mon, get up here with me.” I scooted over and she stretched out on the bed next to me. “Wouldn’t you like to explore my body?”

Her eyes said yes and she put her hands to my breasts.

“But before we start, I have a request. Get those handcuffs.”

In a moment, I was on my back and cuffed to the bed frame, my hands stretched behind me. The cop straddled me, her pussy on my stomach. She was so cute–pert breasts, and dark brown hair released from her uniform hat that now fell to her shoulders. She cupped my breasts and nuzzled me with her crotch.

“Wouldn’t you like to kiss me?” I purred. Darned if I wasn’t getting the hang of this lesbian thing!

Leaning over, her lips brushed against mine. My tongue darted into her mouth and caressed her lips as we kissed with gentle tenderness. My tongue slipped inside her mouth, twirling around her tongue. She moaned as our kiss deepened. Fisting my hair, the cop kissed my cheekbone, the lobe of my ear, and my neck.

Her tongue swirled around my breasts, already inflamed from my tugging and pulling. My nipples stood harder as her tongue tortured my erect nubs, her saliva coating my areolas. I cried out and thrust my hips into hers. I looked into her eyes, beseeching, and she moved up and kissed me again.

“Touch me between my thighs,” I whispered. My legs shook in anticipation. Juices poured out of my slit, pooling on the cheap bedspread.

Her fingers went to my folds and pushed my pussy lips apart.

“Explore me,” I groaned. “Put your face down there and taste me. Please.”

The cop slid two fingers into my hole, making a squishy sound as she fucked me. Her other hand worked my distended clit, pinching and rolling it between her fingers. I strained against the bed frame, my wrists pulling on the cuffs. Moans erupted from my throat as I twisted and writhed beneath her hands.

“I’ve never seen a pussy before,” she said as she probed and fondled me. “You’re so beautiful.”

My brain wanted to respond with a thousand yeses, but my mouth wouldn’t work.

Her fingers slid in and out of my hole at an auspicious angle, lubricated with my fluids as she thrust inside of me to my depths. Her thumb rubbed my clit in circles. I looked down to see her exploring her own pussy. Tentatively, the cop licked my clit, getting her first taste of cunt. Her tongue flicked and slurped my distended nub.

“I could learn to like this,” she said, more to herself than me. She dug her tongue into my folds.

“Make me come! Make me come now!” I screamed. The cop slid a third finger inside me, half her hand disappearing into my cunt with each thrust. A mental image of myself exploded in my brain. I was splayed like a whore in this cheap motel room, cuffed to the bed, being fucked by a cop. Wonderful!

I came, moaning and whimpering, my whole body shuddering. My hips bucked in wild convulsions as the cop kept thrusting her hand into me. Wave after powerful wave washed over me, hot blasts of ecstasy exploding out of my pussy, through my abdomen, over my breasts, and to my throat. My G-spot buzzed, and my clit throbbed from the woman’s frantic hand-fucking. I dissolved into incoherent jabber as she slowed. With a wet slurp, her hand slid out of my cunt.

Wordlessly, she reached up and undid the cuffs. I pulled her down next to me. “It’s my turn to pleasure you, as soon as my heart stops pounding.”

My hands encased her face, and I kissed her, long and deep. I threw a leg between hers, spreading them for my access. I gently kissed her breasts and nipples, which stood at attention. Slipping a hand between her legs, I stroked her labia. My middle finger found its way between her chubby little lips, releasing and spreading her moisture. Moving up her pussy, I gently stroked her clit. Responding to my ministrations, her body tightened, her back arched, and she gripped my arms.

“I want your pretty pussy,” I whispered in her ear. “I want to hear you come.” I crushed her mouth with my lips and made her moan. I slid one, then two fingers into her tight cunt. My mouth moved from her lips, down her throat, and to her two perfect domes, her nipples erect and straining. Her nubs were so tiny and perfect, the way they pointed up, all perky and creased. I sucked each one, enjoying how sensitive they were. One little lick had her calling out my name.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to taste her. Spreading her labia with one hand, my tongue flickered on her clit. The cop thrust her hips into my mouth. I started to lick her pussy, slowly at first, tracing the outline of her vulva with my tongue. I planted wet kisses on the insides of her thighs and shoved a hand under her ass, lifting her to my mouth.

I transitioned to more confident licks and nudges with my tongue, increasing the tension in her body. Her arms were splayed, her hands fisting the bed cover as she churned under my relentless lovemaking. I straddled her, my ass almost in her face as I buried my mouth into her cunt. With both hands under her hips, I lifted her petite body off the bed and fucked her with my lips and tongue.

She grabbed my hips and started heaving. I had her at a stratospheric sexual pitch and close to coming. My ravenous mouth dug deeper into her folds. She was so small, her behind so compact and round, that I reached between her legs and plunged a finger into her pussy. I pushed deeper and deeper as I lashed her clit with my tongue. My thumb had landed on her anus, wet with her juices. I worked the slick entrance with little circles until it gave, and I plunged inside.

Her entire body shuddered with her orgasm. The muscles of her vagina spasmed, each wave gripping my finger deep inside her cunt. She cried out, jerking with each wave, her hips pounding on the cheap mattress. I held her knees apart as I plunged into her cunt with my hand and mouth.

The cop’s legs flailed in the air as I fucked her. Wrapping her legs around my head, she exploded again, screaming as another orgasm ripped through her body. Fluids streamed out of her pussy, soaking the fabric beneath us. Her thighs, cunt, and abdomen were smeared with her juices, as were my face and hands.

That was enough. I let her go and rolled back, watching her settle back to earth. She was panting hard, her face contorted from the ecstasy of two back-to-back orgasms.

I leaned in to her ear.

“Aren’t you glad you didn’t give me a ticket?”