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K.C. CAVE - Trans Action _ smallWhile Sylvie Storm of E-Read Erotica Reviews earlier this month praised my erotic short Trans Action, giving it four stars, she also made some solid suggestions. I took them to heart, wrote some more and almost doubled its length to 7,000 words. Sylvie posted this update today:

“There’s a famous quote by Dorothy Parker. It goes something like, ‘Two drinks and I’m under the table. Three drinks and I’m under the host.’ Alcohol has the same effect on me. With men. Something about strong drink and a stiff dick.”

“Not for me. Because of you, I’ll never sleep with a man again.”

“Well, good luck with that. I wish you well.”

We kissed for like the thousandth time.

“Where do we go with this? she asked.

“I don’t know…”

Trans Action

Three strong drinks and I’m under the host too…or the hostess. Or both.

Today, the previously reviewed Trans Action was updated, and I wanted to share some thoughts on the expanded ending of the book. We are treated to a longer and more thoughtful ending, with some bonus added sex scenes to liven things up. We get this wonderful sort of melancholy Hollywood romance thing going on between them, with tales of plying the street trade for sex, hookups gone wrong, and our trans-gendered woman connecting with her live in lesbian lover in a sentimental and romantic way.

While yes, our trans-gendered lover is being used for sex in a contractual agreement, these two start to connect in a way that surprised me, and I loved their little excursion out to one of the reservoirs for some sexy quality time together. The fact our female lead writes in a ‘keep the house clean’ part of the contract made me smile, and proves our female lead is really smart about her contracts.

I am struck by the floaty nature of the ending, where the two of them enjoy each other’s company, yet we have no idea of where this is going, even as it ends. It is left afloat, and while we see some of ‘the story after’ we are left to wonder.

We got more toys. Nice. We also had some learning each other in bed, which was very nice. The sex scenes added to the book turned this into a one-time affair to a real romance, and I was impressed by the depth this added to the story.

Overall, this felt like a worthy and more fulfilling addition to the book, and it takes a strong recommend for trans-gendered erotic romance readers and makes it more so. This isn’t a sort of fantasy experience, but a love story more grounded in changes and realism two people are going through in life, with the erotic elements being the base on which the story is built upon. How do two people in transition make love and learn to do the same with each other? An added section exploring that makes this book even more attractive, and it is a brave and wonderful addition to this little gem.

Well done, and very much appreciated.


That’s a great review, and Sylvie should get the credit. Funny thing, I didn’t (and never do) set out to write romance. My thing is hardcore, explicit erotica. It’s just that my damn characters keep falling in love with each other (and I fall in love with them).