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toiletA few moments had passed since I had sucked my first cock through the glory hole in the wall of the decrepit toilet stall. I had just decided to get up, when there was a light knock on the stall door, followed by one of the club’s volunteers, clean towels draped over a shoulder.

He was a young man I didn’t recognize. After I had secured the deal with my old college buddy at the Department of Transportation to reserve the abandoned rest area for our sweaty summer gay orgy, other members had arranged the logistics of making the evening run smoothly, so I didn’t know who was recruited.

He was drop-dead gorgeous. At first glance, his short blond hair and aquiline features reminded me of Illya Kuryakin, the Russian spy in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. reruns. He was nude, of course, slim and nearly feminine in stature. He squatted in the door of the stall and wiped up the mess from the penis I had just sucked off through the glory hole. His cock was rock hard and swayed back and forth as he mopped the floor.

He stood and turned, and my heart leapt. Not only did he have slim hips and the most gorgeous and proportional ass of any man I had ever seen—milky white and covered with light peach fuzz—he had two tattoos on his lower back, like the “f” holes on a violin. He was a walking tribute to Man Ray, the ‘twenties surrealist photographer, and his famous nude photograph of Kiki de Montparnasse, her nude back to the camera, the violin swirls on her lower back.

kikidemontparnasseI stood and took him by the shoulders. “Don’t leave. Please. May I touch you?”

He backed up, pulling the door closed and latching it. I took the cleaning material from his hand and stood behind him.

“Ever heard of Kiki?” I whispered in his ear.

He wiggled his ass against me, pushing into my cock, still wet with someone else’s splooge, and my cock slid into his crack. “I was just feeling surreal tonight.”

Dropping to my knees, I drew my hand down his back, over the “f” holes and along the curve of his ass cheeks. Shuffling sideways, he spread his legs, and I pushed his cheeks apart, revealing the wink of his asshole. He thrust back his hips as I caressed his gorgeous behind.

I didn’t know what to do, and he sensed it. “Kiss me!”

I stood, put my arms around his shoulders and met his face. As our lips touched, my hands moved down his chest, over his belly and to his erect penis. He pushed his tongue into my mouth as I stroked his cock and fondled his nutsac, and he turned inside my arms. We embraced.

“I really, really want to fuck you,” I said as we ground our cocks together. “Here?”

He pushed me down on the toilet seat, and slathered lube on my straining dick. Straddling the toilet, he lowered himself on to me. I leaned backed and watched this lovely, lithe youth expertly fuck me. I thought I was the youngest man in the club, but my new lover looked to be, at most, in his mid-twenties—at least five years younger than me.

“How’s this?” he asked as he slowly rose up and down on my cock, his stiff penis  bobbing in my face. I grasped it with both hands and stroked him as he pistoned my cock with his asshole.

“This is good, but I’d love to watch your beautiful ass.” He leaned down, kissed me on the mouth and pulled off. My cock sprang free and thwapped against my stomach.

He turned and sat back. I took him by the waist and lowered his hips on my cock. I leaned forward and kissed his “f” holes. Reaching around, he spread his cheeks and guided me to his rosebud, already stretched and lubed from our fucking. He leaned forward, I thrust with my hips, and I was inside him.

Sweat was trickling down my sides, the hot air was full with sounds of other men screwing and sucking one another, and I realized this was the single most erotic moment of my life. I watched as this incredibly pretty young man, leaning forward with his hands on his knees, slowly worked my penis with his asshole. I watched my dick disappear inside him as he lowered himself toward my lap, his round, perfect ass—really, as perfect an ass as I’ve ever seen—rode up and down my shaft.

He picked up speed and I could sense he was about to come. I sat up, reached around and started jerking his dick. My other hand went to his balls, his scrotum slick with sweat, and massaged his nuts, tight against the base of his dick.  Suddenly, he shot, jism shooting against the stall door, his arms splayed against the inside of the enclosure as his orgasm wracked him. He settled on my cock as I played with his penis, cum dribbling over my fingers, down his shaft and over his balls.

We sat like that for a few moments as our breathing slowed. I watched as my rigid dick reemerged from his asshole. My short-term lover wiped himself with a towel and left the stall. The last I saw of him was his violin-shaped ass.