K.C. Cave (before the face lift)Yes, read it now–my author interview on Smashwords. Not that big a deal–after all, I interview myself; Anais Nin is dead and Rachel Kramer Bussel was conducting an erotica writing workshop. But you’ll learn some incredibly interesting things about me.

Like what? I’m a nudist, I love sex, Fifty Shades of Grey isn’t one of my favorite books, and that I’ve attended six silent meditation retreats.


Perhaps more interesting: my motivation for writing erotica, my views on social media (ugh), my favorite erotica genres, and how I deal with the sexual arousal that invariably accompanies erotica writing (spoiler: I masturbate–a lot).

You’ll also learn my favorite erotica words, my erotica turn-offs, and how much of my personal sexual experience ends up in my stories (sorry, you’ll have to read the interview).

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