If I don’t brag about my successes, who will? Just got word that my main publisher, Boruma Publishing, sold its first book following a (very) recent agreement with the Italian publishing platform Stealth (a deal that will open up over 500 new large and small international publishers to Boruma authors).

The first sale? Seeding the Brat by K.C. Cave, my first PI story! It was sold by Kobobooks Canada, which (in my humble opinion) says a lot about the literary tastes of our friends in the Frozen North.

KC Cave - Seeding the Brat jpeg largeFrom Boruma (in a letter to its authors): “This partnership gives us an unparalleled opportunity to submit your books to new international venues that Amazon and its kind cannot touch.  (Europeans are also far more liberal about the genres they will accept than most U.S.-based publishers!)”

Here’s hoping for more international sales of my books (and those of other Boruma authors).