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It’s a legitimate question, right? I mean, Salon just did an informal survey of readers and came up with fifteen stories, from men and women, of how they jill and jack off:  “I’ve put condoms on hairbrush handles and used those”: 15 people share their masturbation rituals.

What surprised me the most? That so many of the women watched porn while they rub themselves off. One, a straight woman, watches lesbian porn because “the men in porn are such turn-offs.” Another married woman goes to the den at night, while her husband sleeps in the bedroom, and watches porn with her vibrator.

A self-described “bi-sexual kinky girl into dom/sub stuff” finds the best porn on Bing (got to check that out), but honors her values by only sourcing ethical porn. “…I’m going to keep my integrity in every moment, including when I’m masturbating,” she said. “There’s really nothing like thinking about social justice while rubbing your clit.”

My favorite is the woman who describes her masturbation as a bedtime ritual. “I imagine my vibrator’s entrance into my life was not dissimilar to the experience of someone who begins praying before bed each night; it’s a way to connect to a higher power, remember my body, remember what matters, and then allow a sense of calm to settle in before falling asleep,” she said.

Oh, yeah.

With a book, vibrator and batteries, she settles in for the night. Then, she often switches to erotic poetry (a genre I’m not familiar with). That gets her into a meditative state: “After I turn off the lights, I run my hands over various parts of my body, and then I lie down on my vibrator and … voila! I think masturbating every day is a really lovely way to enrich your life, connect to your body, and make sure you never have trouble getting to sleep.”

I’ve also blogged about my own masturbation routine (or, at least, a favorite): I touch myself. Now that warm weather is approaching here in the U.S., I’m going to do another post soon about one of my all-time favorite ways to get off: masturbating outdoors.

Check out the Salon article and, if you haven’t already, read my blog post. Then answer this question: What’s your masturbation routine?