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Sex & Cupcakes by Rachel Kramer Bussel is a collection of essays by an erotica writer who talks to you like an adult. I write erotica, and, full disclosure, I’ve been an RKB fan for years (in addition to writing erotica, she has edited a huge number of erotic short story compilations), have used her professional editing services and attended one of her erotica writing workshops. She’s the gold standard.

Every essay is a joy to read, and cover the gamut from abortion rights (“I’m Pro-Choice and I Fuck”) to technology (“I Don’t Want or Need an App to Measure My Sex Life”). All are interesting. But the main things I got from this collection are positive reinforcements: Writing about sex is as legit as writing about any other human activity, it’s important, it can (and should) be done well, and there’s no shame in it. That alone is worth the (modest–a buck!) price of admission.

The writing itself is outstanding and often brutally honest. Good grief, the first essay is “I Have Trouble with Orgasms.” (Hang in there, RKB, a woman’s life begins at 40). RKB is not a poseur, a sex goddess or a phony. She’s someone you’ll enjoy hanging out with for a few hours as you read this collection.