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Drum roll: I am honored to inform you of my induction into the E-Read Erotica ERE-Store as a Hero of the Revolution by store mistress Sylvia Storm. By way of explanation, the ERE-Store is a new way to buy erotica—books are grouped by keywords, making it easier for erotica shoppers to find their kink. Think of it as an intelligent front end for Amazon (and at no extra cost).

Heroes of the Revolution are forward-thinking erotica authors like (ahem) me, who promote the ERE-Store on our websites and social media. Here’s what Sylvie had to say:

I love K.C.’s books, they have this raw sexuality and kink I am just attracted to. Plus those covers! Check out K.C.’s section in the Heroes section of the store and be treated to a sumptuous wall of flesh and desire. So many lips! I love seeing a writer’s covers featured like this as a retrospective and artistic theme. So check out K.C. Cave’s books and help spread the word by being a hero.

In addition to making it easier for readers to find the erotica they want, Sylvie regularly reviews erotica at E-Read Erotica Reviews. She’s a wonderful and inventive writer who guides readers through the maze of erotica books in this crowded market. She also offers expert advice to writers in her Wednesday Workshops on the craft of writing intelligent, arousing and effective erotica. Whether you’re a reader or a writer of erotica, check her out (and subscribe to her blog).