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Let’s hear it for science.

Researchers at a university in Canada have established that sex fantasies cover a wide range in the general adult population–and fantasies that may have been thought of as abnormal or atypical are fairly common.

And, get this, shared by both sexes.

The takeaway? “Care should be taken before labeling an SF as unusual, let alone deviant. It suggested that the focus should be on the effect of a sexual fantasy rather than its content,” the academics said.

For a list of the fantasies (and the percentage of men vs. women who fantasized them), click here.

Did I see any of my fantasies? Uh, sure. But not all, by any means. Remember, I’m a professional. My fantasies are my livelihood. Here’s one that wasn’t on the list:

The driver of the crew who picks up my trash is a black man, mid-thirties, about 280 pounds. Nice guy. Shitty job. Glad it’s unionized. In my dream, I’m on my hands and knees on my front lawn, he’s fisting my long blonde hair in one of his huge, calloused paws, and his 8-inch slab of black man meat is deep in my rectum. After he takes his pleasure, I feel a warm, full sensation in my belly. He’s released his bladder. He pulls out and his hot piss spills out of my asshole. He flips me over and finishes his piss on my face, hair, breasts and belly.

Is there a word for that? Piss enema? By the way, this is a recurring fantasy. Not one, I’ll add, that I plan to act on.

Like I said, I’m a professional. Everyone in my fantasy is 18 or older.