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Sex blogger Penny from Penny for Your (Dirty) Thoughts has an interesting blog post worth sharing (since you’re a reader of my blog and probably stick things in your vagina on a regular basis; on the other hand, who doesn’t?):

“There are what seems like about a million factors than can contribute to getting a vaginal infection. The vagina has a delicate pH balance, and anything that upsets that can cause an overgrowth of yeast or bad bacteria. You’re more likely to get yeast infections around menstruation, if you use hormonal birth control, if you wear tight clothing/non-cotton underwear, among other things. Add sex toys to the mix, and you can potentially open yourself to the possibility of infection. Don’t worry though–you can use sex toys safely if you take some precautions. Most of these tips are focused around the vagina, but #1 & 2 apply to butts/mouths as well.”

Read more here.