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Check out this fun infographic from True Interiors, a British manufacturer of home and office furniture: The Best Furniture to Have Sex On. It’s not only a fun read (with drawings of the positions and ratings for difficulty), but think about it: This company talks to its customers like adults.

A sample (about the rocking chair): “No longer an item just for old folks! Get into the Caboose position, and you’ll certainly love that rocking motion which allows you to really feel each other….He sits on the chair with her backed up into his lap. As the chair begins rocking the thrusting begins naturally. This position is also ideal for wondering hands which can also add extra satisfaction.”

Other suggestions include the breakfast bar, the chaise lounge, the garden bench (yes, outdoor and public sex!), the glass coffee table (“Just make sure the coffee table is strong enough!”) and the executive desk.

What if, say, Ikea, starting marketing their stuff like this? I know I’d shop there more. Hmm, just had a thought. Maybe Ikea does this in other countries that aren’t as puritanical like the U.S.

I’ll check it out when I’m in Italy next month.