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And, frankly, so am I. As French GQ sex columnist Maia Mazaurette notes, the clitoris isn’t located in the mouth, so she wonders about the ubiquitousness of the unrequited blow job in American sexual culture: “I don’t pleasure in my mouth. It’s very mysterious to me, why an American woman would do that.”

Yeah, me too. I hate giving blow jobs. And swallowing cum? Yech.

(None of this, of course, could be reported in an American newspaper, bastions of prudery and righteousness that they are. It’s in The Guardian, “Of course the French have better sex if our idea of sex is limited to men’s ideals,” May 13.)

She also commented on the overbearing pressure on American women to be as desirable as possible, and, that when they are, they’re labeled sluts.

What we’re left with is a male version of female sexuality. Dismal.

I’ve always been puzzled when reading reports about female sexuality (usually sexual trends among teens) that mention “oral sex,” but never define it. I mean, there are two kinds, right? “Lots of teens are ‘having oral sex.'” Does that mean lots of boys are eating out their girls and giving them fabulous after fabulous orgasm? Or that girls are sucking cock and getting nothing in return (except male approval)? I suspect the latter.

It’s not all bad. Mazaurette gave Americans a left-handed compliment by saying that we have a leg-up (hand up?) on masturbation, which the French look down on as something for losers who can’t get laid.

Well, considering the American attitude toward sex, masturbation is a better option for women who don’t want to be defined by a male view of female sexuality (and get some sexual enjoyment, a very human thing to desire). As The Guardian columnist noted, “We’re so accustomed to a male vision of female sexuality, it’s hard to imagine what authentic and organic female pleasure would look like.”

One of my goals with this blog is to present what female should and can look like. Thanks for coming aboard.

Love to hear your views.